#NJRR Live- Joe or Schmoe: Are We Ridin’ With Biden? (A Review of the Biden Presidency So Far)

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Tonight, our panel features Brian Powers and Christian Perez. We will be taking a look at how Joe Biden has performed so far as President of the United States of America. No politician is perfect, but most politicians fall far below the mark. Joe Biden is coming into a presidency that has been set with one of the lowest bars ever by his fascist orange predecessor. Let’s take a look at the Biden Administration’s first 100 (or so) days in office. Was he a good ol’ Joe or just a Schmoe?

Student Debt

During the electoral fight for the next presidency, progressives were asking for $50,000 in student loan debt forgiveness. The Biden administration campaign came out and said that Biden will “meet them in the middle” and relieve just $10,000. Now, that number has come all the way back down to zero. 

Christian Perez comments that a president will do something if they want to do it. The fact that there is still a student debt crisis is a choice by the Biden Administration. Student debt is a distinctly American issue, and that says a lot about how our system is designed to keep people down.

[#NJRR Live June 7, 2021 with Christian Perez and Brian Powers]

Stimulus Bills

Next we focus on something a bit more positive: the recent stimulus bill. We’ve discussed the various benefits of the 1.9 trillion dollar bill on the show before. This money is going to strengthen countless American institutions for education, childcare, healthcare, and more.

When it comes to the second stimulus check, it is hard to argue with free money. Obviously, the stimulus checks are nice, but they are also a long time coming. It took months of arguing among lawmakers for the bill to finally be passed. Furthermore, we do not know if stimulus checks will continue to come or if they were a twice-only deal. 

Housing Crisis

Joe’s administration gave 20 billion dollars to state and local governments to help low income households cover backrent, rent assistance, and utility bills; 50 billion to health aides and localities for the homeless; and 5 billion for emergency housing vouchers for the homeless. This is a good step but it is coming way too late. We have more empty houses than unhoused people in America and it is time to end homelessness for good. 

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Foreign Relations

Biden dropped the ball when it came to Israel and Palestine. That being said, it was exactly what we expected. Biden has thus far been weak on foreign policy altogether, with one of his most significant moves so far being the bombing of Syrian villages. Biden verbally urged Israel to halt attacks on Palestine, yet the United States continues to give Israel 30 billion dollars per year, more than it gives any other foreign country. His money is not where his mouth is.

Final Score: Joe or Schmoe? 

As with most presidencies, the Biden Administration has been a mixed bag. Joe Biden is indeed trying to further some progressive policies. However, he seems to be hoping that we will forget about some things: for example, the promises he made on the campaign trail and the fact that he is funding the Israeli military. Joe Biden may have done a few good things so far as President, but in the end, there’s absolutely no doubt that he’s a Schmoe.

-Leah Giannantonio, for the Revolution Radio Network

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