Madelyn Hoffman And The Fight For World Peace, Not World War

In this episode Heather interviews Madelyn Hoffman, Green Party Candidate for US Senate in New Jersey. She talks about her inspiration to run, and why peace is such a critical issue for her. Madelyn has been a lifelong fighter against the devastation of war, and the damage it does both across the nation and across the globe.  They also discuss their commitment to environmental justice for all.

Madelyn Hoffman

Madelyn spent 18 years as the executive director of New Jersey Peace Action. She has now retired and moved on to bigger things. Madelyn is running for US Senate in the State of New Jersey. She is running on the Green Party ticket. This isn’t her first green party run. 20 years ago, she appeared on the ballot in NJ as Vice President for Ralph Nader. Madelyn Hoffman dedicated her life to peace activism. She fuels her activism with a love and compassion for all people.  To put it simply, war kills people. Madelyn credits her father with teaching her the lesson “might does not make right”. The United States may have a giant military, but does not have the right to use it anywhere and at any time.


Madelyn’s Platform includes:

Grassroots Democracy
  • Money out of politics
  • No Corporate or PAC money
  • Ranked Choice Voting
  • End all fossil fuel use
  • No more pipeline construction
  • Invest in Green Energy
  • Stop endless wars
  • End imperialism
  • Support nuclear disarmament treaties
  • Move $$$ from war to peace
Social Justice
  • Healthcare for all
  • Free higher education
  • Racial justice
  • No ban- No wall
  • Strong unions- A living wage for all workers

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