#NJRR Live: Madelyn Hoffman, Our 2020 Chance at a Socialist in the Senate

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Welcome Back to #NJRR Live!

Good evening, everyone, and welcome to another episode of NJRR Live! We hope that everyone tuning in is enjoying their summer. We wish our comrade Daryle Lamont-Jenkins of One Peopie’s Project fast healing! DLJ just got home from the in the hospital and is recovering from a procedure. Christian Perez from the Absurdity and Modernity Podcast joins us tonight to share his thoughts on happenings across the country. 

Schools Are Reopening

In Georgia, schools have reopened without requiring masks and now 900 kids are in quarantine. There are 380,000 cases of children with COVID-19 and 165,000 people are dead nationwide. This virus will not just be going away, but we have yet to confront it as a society and this is in part due to inept leadership.

Brian has raised 5 kids, so he is no stranger to childhood development. He agrees that schooling and the social interaction that comes with it is very important for kids. However, homeschooling has been done successfully for years by many families even before the pandemic. Still, people are deciding to send their children to school during a pandemic for economic reasons instead of our school authorities coming up with creative alternatives. Coronavirus response relief packages benefited big businesses much more than they did the everyday person. Most people already spent their stimulus money and they need to make more income to survive the coming months. 

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If a teacher gets sick, they can no longer visit relatives because there is no plan for what happens if teachers spread the virus to their families. Teachers are being treated like cogs in a wheel and given little to no say in what the plan for reopening will be. Schools want to follow a corporate model of pushing people back in and are ignoring the imminent consequences of doing so. 

Some people claim that regulations that have been put in place in response to the pandemic outbreak, such as required masks, are a form of oppression. This is not oppression. It is in fact insulting to those who have suffered the injustices of actual oppression to even suggest this. The fact is that in any society, you have a commitment to those around you to protect them. That is part of an inherent social contract. However, some people, such as anti-maskers, cannot seem to grasp this.

Kamala Harris: A Cop

Much like Barrack Obama, the historical significance of Kamal Harris being nominated as VP should not be overlooked. However challenging things are, we must acknowledge someone from a diverse immigrant background succeeding. How you achieve success matters. Brian likes to sign off #NJRR Live with his signature phrase: “Police can quit their jobs.” It is a political statement that has been catching on in the general public, and some reports have shown an increase of cops retiring lately. Part of the reason that police don’t quit their jobs is because they are paid well and rewarded by society for their actions. Perhaps association with the police could be helpful in snagging someone a nomination for Vice President of the United States. Kamala Harris is a woman who has built her career on strengthening a criminal justice system that operates by imprisoning black and brown people, who are targeted at disproportionately high rates. 

Harris has fought the release of inmates in order to harvest their underpaid labor, such as fighting the outbreak of wildfires in California. In a 2013 talk, Harris scoffed at the idea of replacing prisons with schools. This is not the type of leadership we need in this country, especially not when we are in the midst of a powerful movement seeking racial equality. Kamala Harris will bring us closer to the political center instead of fighting for the left.

NJRR Live Welcomes Madelyn Hoffman

We are honored to welcome our comrade Madelyn Hoffman to the show tonight! This Green Party of New Jersey Senate Candidate has been on the trail and connecting with activists every day. Madelyn is known for her international experience. As the Director of New Jersey Peace Action, she was an uncompromising voice for peace around the Garden State and her global work helps bring the international perspective home.

Madelyn has never given up on a cause. She also never stops campaigning. Currently, she is running as a Green Party candidate for 2020 US Senate. She spoke at an ICE concentration camp today. In her powerful speech, she called for the abolishment of ICE and addressed several topics of importance. For example, she called out New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy’s lack of response to the coronavirus crisis in prisons.  She pointed out that the detention centers that people are placed in are effectively a death sentence because physical distancing is not maintained within these facilities. 

As someone who has been an activist for nearly forty years, Madelyn testifies that the Democratic party is holding back progress. Their current presidential candidate is a perfect example of this. Joe Biden will not stand up and declare that black lives matter, he will not abolish the police, he does not support universal healthcare, and the list goes on. This inaction is so very limiting to the causes that matter most in our country right now.

A Better Choice

We need to think outside of the box. Madelyn is proud to be a third party candidate because our two main parties are getting nowhere. If you’re voting for the lesser of two evils, you’re still voting for evil. These two parties control the media, for example, the presidential debates are owned jointly by the Democratic and Republican Parties. Therefore, there is no motivation whatsoever to allow third party candidates to get a word in at the debates. 

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Biden and Harris didn’t have a lot of support at the beginning of the 2020 presidential election. Their campaigns only gained traction when other, more desirable candidates started dropping out. If Madelyn had her way, there would be no border wall, no travel bans, and no families broken up at the border. She believes we need to work out another solution. We should acknowledge the fact that no one actually wants to leave their home; they immigrate because they have to, often for economic or military reasons.

Commitment to the US military-industrial complex is bringing our country down during this pandemic. Our leaders are being distracted and spending money on the military instead of what really matters right now. In the middle of a global pandemic, our country it committing copious energy to exerting military force in Latin America. 

Wrapping Up

Activists have a tendency to overbook themselves. With that in mind, we conclude tonight’s episode so that we can rest up for tomorrow. Madelyn reminds us that you can donate and volunteer on her website, and her campaign also has a Facebook page. Her campaign wants to blanket the state with the message that there is an alternative to our two-party system that worships big money and perpetuates the military-industrial complex. 

You can find Christian’s podcast, Modernity and Absurdity, on iTunes, Stitcher, Soundcloud, and wherever else you can get your podcasts. Here at New Jersey Revolution, we accrue costs. It usually costs hundreds of dollars, for example, to get out there to a protest. You can help supplement that with a donation of just a few dollars – or more if you wish! Your contributions, especially on a monthly basis, make our work possible. If you enjoy our content, please consider donating. Until next week at 8 PM EST, stay safe out there, everyone!

-Leah Giannantonio, for New Jersey Revolutionary Radio

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