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Never Give Up

In this episode of Wine, Women, and Revolution, Heather interviews local poet “Ambition”. This multi talented man is a rapper, poet, author, and developed a children clothing line highlighting children of color who love anime. He seeks to inspire people to be the best they can be, and to never give up on yourself. No matter what you are going through, there is a fire in you that needs to be shared.

Ambition 0:00
Once they lost their money, they lost kind of who they were. They let their money define them. And and I think that’s one part about capitalism. And I’m a capitalist, I’m not going to you know fraud to you, but I do think, we do make the mistake that money is defining us. It is the most dangerous thing in America to be quite frankly is that the money does define it and when we lose it, you know, some people commit suicide. Some people, they have no idea who they are without their money.

Heather Warburton 0:34
This is Wine, Women and Revolution, with your host Heather Warburton coming at you here on New Jersey Revolution Radio. Hi and welcome to Wine, Women, and Revolution. I’m your host Heather Warburton coming at you here on New Jersey Revolution Radio. You can find us online at Follow us on all the social medias and find us wherever you get your podcasts from. Today I have got some someone that I’m interviewing that you are really going to like. I heard this man perform at an event that I was attending. And I was just blown away. He is a very inspiring and moving poet. And I just am so happy to have him here. Welcome to the show Ambition, the poet.

Ambition 1:18
Hey, hey, hey, how are you?

Heather Warburton 1:20
I am doing well. How about you?

Ambition 1:23
Thank you. Thank you for having me. Thank you for that introduction. I appreciate that. Yeah, I do. I try to inspire people every time I open my mouth. You know, one thing is when we have someone’s attention, we want to captivate them to keep it but we don’t want to waste their time while we have it.

Heather Warburton 1:42
Right. That’s a great philosophy. So I kind of like to ask everybody on my show about their origin stories, how they got to where who they are now. So do you want to give a little bit of backstory of how you became a poet?

Ambition 1:56
Yeah, so Okay, so first, my backstory is that I came from Philly. Okay, so I’m basically from North Philly, a small part of North Philly called Nicetown. And then I ended up being adopted by amazing lady in South Jersey in Sicklerville and end up growing up there. And at the time I was being bullied and there was a lot of things going on my life in foster care. So end up writing these little stories. The stories were… They weren’t the best stories. They were a little angry. Those stories could have gotten me expelled. Don’t tell nobody that now. And those stories turned into little raps. And the raps was telling the stories. And so as I got older, I was rapping.

But I got old and older and my mom was like, go get a job. And so I started working and actually stopped pursuing the art in a way. That really wasn’t until about three years ago, where I picked up the art of poetry. I wasn’t always a poet. I really am a rapper who turned into a poet I’m as I got older. And so my poetry stems from pain, love, laughter, experiences and me just writing from what I went through and some of the things that I see and then writing on that. And so I think the poem I performed down at the podcast conference was “Be Yourself”. And that was a poem of experience of watching those TV shows as I got older, and then, you know, writing about what I believe that would have meant to me at that time, and so yeah,

Heather Warburton 3:37
Right. And I say this proudly as a geek myself, but you’re also a little bit of a geek growing up, you’re kind of into science fiction, and you’re a little bit of a geeky kid as well growing up which is awesome. Geeks should unite together.

Ambition 3:51
Right, so what ended up happening, as weird is that is. I never really was big on telling people that but I was telling You know, tell you guys about being that there’s a, you know sector the black nerds, people who love anime people who love science people who love all these things and in our community sometimes not the most boastful about, but there is a lot of African American people and people of color who love these different things, and it’s not projected loudly.

And so I you know, coming up my own clothing line and, you know, telling people that it’s okay that you know, we love anime, we love our different things, and everybody doesn’t have to fit anymore in their mold. And the more and more I get to meet people, more more people I see doing Comic Con and different things that I believe never knew existed. And I’m just like” Wait people that are adults literally dress up outside of Halloween.” Like I didn’t know and some people are really good at it. And there’s a lot of people of color, African American that do it. And I’m like, Wait I don’t think a lot of people know this and so just, you know, given the awareness and, you know, I like it and you know, I don’t care I’m bold with mine, you know, self confident who I am and you know, I don’t mind telling the people that as well.

Heather Warburton 5:13
Right, so about your poem, like you said, Be yourself, right, you know, there’s nothing to be ashamed of having passion for something. And I think that’s something kind of like geeks, it means that you’re passionate about something. It may not be the same things everyone else is passionate about. But that passion itself is beautiful. And that’s kind of where that passion is where all great art comes from. It’s that really feeling things strongly.

Ambition 5:37
Correct. Correct and not being afraid of it. See the thing… I think we said the nerdy person, or a geek person is more so it’s really not that they’re geek or nerd, right. It’s really that they’re a wizard, or a doctor without having to pick behind them in something that is important to them. When they be when they get the confidence to boldly tell the world that, then they’re no longer, you know, called the geek, right? They’re called the scientists, or someone who’s really into anime or who’s the into that and they throw a whole conference now, oh, you’re considered the CEO or business person. No, I’m the same person who loved anime and nerdy stuff. I just decided to, you know, build a business off of it. And now it’s a big conference, and now you’re well respected. But when you was just in your house playing with, you know, cartoon figures, you were called the nerd or geek for doing so. And so it’s with that confidence piece. And, and the boldness that’s missing. That’s okay. You know, being like you said, being passionate, but being bold about, you know, what you believe in and securing that.

Heather Warburton 6:44
Right. And part of what you try to do is you also want to inspire young people. So you actually have developed a clothing line. Let’s talk a little bit more about that clothing line. You had a few pieces with you at the convention, but I thought they were really cute, your little figures that you’ve created.

Ambition 6:59
Yes, so what what it is, is that I have a designer, who actually is from the Philippines and she’s an amazing lady. And what it is, is the Chibi is anime. And so I grew up in. I loved anime and I was telling you guys that I love Sailor Moon, but never want to tell anybody in the school that I love Dragonball Z and something called Ronin Warriors, and I always love the big eyes and different things and so many people I knew also love that as well. And so the Chibi was just a small character that I believe was perfect for children’s clothing line.

And for what I wanted to do which is put it in the clothes, the aspect that the clothes the way their mannerisms, some of their the storylines. And of course the of course the color of their skin, which is brown and different shades of brown because at the time when I went to clothing stores for children, I didn’t see it. And so I wanted to create something that I could bring to the market that was different, but not the same, right? Adding that anime portion that really catches people off guard because they really don’t see things like that being pushed boldly, right in that clothing marketing. So that’s kind of what I wanted to do. And that’s what we’re going to do going forward is called and Ambicito by Harper,

Heather Warburton 8:28
And seeing stuff like that, like anime or superheroes with the same color skin as you has to really inspire and empower you as a little kid when you’re growing up. Because that lack of that definitely screams loudly. Like there’s this void of something missing. So you’re really filling a niche that needs to be filled?

Ambition 8:49
Absolutely. I think like I said, Sometimes this is you already connect to the characters anyway. I mean, when you’re a young boy like you see, I mean, I didn’t watch Dragon Ball Z and then say You know, the skin is not brown, you know, I loved it. I just loved it. And I understand as I got older, you know, every now and then it’s very important for people to see the reflection of themselves. Even if that character could just be the character I love seeing like, Boss Baby. And some people do the cool art with Goku, but like, and brown skin, you know what I mean, so I dont really care is this like to me, I connect with the with the character, but I do know that it’s important, you know, for for youth growing up to see that because there’s so many heroes in the universe. And some of them don’t have the same color skin even though African Americans still connect to them. But it’s still important for them to see, you know, in that kid mindset to know. Oh yeah, this is what I like to you know, be like and and, and then their vision to see it you know firsthand growing up So that’s important to me, and to a lot of other people as well.

Heather Warburton 10:03
Right. Like, look at how transformative the movie Black Panther was, you know, there had never been anything like that before. And it’s impactful.

Ambition 10:12
I never knew existed. You know hey, I’m 34. Black Panther – I’d never knew that that just was not ever really told to me. And now I was into those comic books to the point where I knew Black Panther I knew the you know, the basic x men. I knew, you know, a lot of characters but not Black Panther, not growing up, you know. I just didn’t know it was a little bit before my time and so to learn about that, so many other people know about it would just exploded. Because they never like you said they never knew that existed. And when he did know, this is all Wow, this is crazy. And then they went crazy for it, you know, so it’s impactful and it’s a good thing, you know.

Heather Warburton 10:53
So I want to talk a little bit about your goals of inspiring others. How exactly do you meet those goals? And what kind of future do you see as far as getting that inspiration out? What do you hope to achieve?

Ambition 11:10
I think, so what’s my, when you say, what’s my goal with inspiration? It’s really just the confidence of oneself. I think sometimes it’s lacking and people of all people because of whatever they believe, and they don’t know how to embrace it with boldness, and then tell the world that if you don’t like it, that’s okay. I don’t hate you for it. But this is just what I’m going to do and what I believe, right. And so, my thing is, is just to inspire people to say, you have ambition.

That’s why I call myself Ambition the Poet is the ambition is to, you know, to boldly go after something for yourself. This is self. I always says, we all have this internal flame, and some of it some of us it’s really low because we aren’t embracing our gifts, we’re not embracing what we believe in, and then wrapping ourselves in that belief, regardless of what the world say, and still going forward. So my job is to really know through poetry or to clothing or whatever I do, to make sure that I inspired a person to ignite something that’s already inside of them, that we already have. And then it’s up to them to choose, you know, to, you know, to bring that flame bigger to bring out their gifts more. And so that’s really my vision for people in general. For example, for poets it’s the same thing is like when I meet poets and they say they’re poet or I want to do this poem, but I don’t want people to know my business. I tell them you know, well, your business is one thing but your life experiences another right. So people need to hear what you went through for their for their health. You know, and if you keep it to yourself, then nobody will know. And nobody will be able to use your experience to you to make themselves better.

And no disrespect. I can’t talk to who you can talk to on this podcast, right? I’ve may be able to reach my people, but you have your podcast. And that creates that particular group of people. And so if we are quiet individually, then there’s people not getting a message. And that’s really not good. We all need to speak in some form or fashion to reach our audience, the people that need to hear us before, you know, we leave this earth.

Heather Warburton 13:39
Yeah, and I think that’s important. That’s something I actually try to focus here too, is sharing your personal stories, even if they are trauma. It just helps another person to know they’re not alone. And they get that connection like, Oh, I’m not the only one going through this. I’m not the only one having these feelings. And, you know, there’s a lot of us, and strenth in numbers there.

Ambition 14:02
It is. And I think that’s what I loved about the internet. It was like, finally, like something that can be like, you know what? We all like this. We all are from this background, we’re all from this thing and then you get around other people that’s like you, and you’re never by yourself. I believe there’s probably nothing that you can say, you know, I bet you there’s somebody else like somebody who loves to knit, you know, I mean, they just love to knit and you go to the world and people are like “who knits” or whatever, right, then you go on the internet and there’s probably literally thousands of people all around the globe. That knit, like, finally, here’s my people, you know, and so, that’s kinda, you know, one of the things I say. Listen, you’re never alone. Even if you feel like it. There’s somebody out there like you and you just gotta go find it and speak up. They’ll Come. Even if at the beginning people will reject it or say that you’re weird or whatever, but that’s because they’re not part of your, you know, your clan or the people that you speak to , thats not your audience. When you speak to your audience and boldly stand with them and you’ll be fine.

Heather Warburton 15:16
Yeah, and I think it’s a lot about community. You know, like, obviously, my listeners know, this is an anti capitalist podcast. And I, we kind of try to fight against that individuality, the, Oh, yeah, the individual is most important. And there’s this this complete lack of community. But you know, community is so important and looking out for each other and taking care of each other and inspiring each other is so important and so lacking in society today, that that’s why I love what you’re doing with trying to do this community building and inspiration with your work with your art.

Ambition 15:51
I appreciate that. And I think that’s true, I think. I think that, I was telling somebody else that you can do a lot by yourself, you are like, people are powerful by themselves. You know, I mean, and I understand why people believe in the individual. But again, you’re so right. When it comes to community, you’re trying to do something massive. Like when you’re trying to do something on a bigger scale, there’s no way you can do it without people.

You cannot do anything on a big scale without really the help of people. It’s no way. Even if you do a little video and it goes viral, it went viral because thousands of people collectively shared it, liked it and agree and said, This is funny or inspiring or attractive to our eyes. And so yeah, you could say that you did it yourself, but it’s always a collective force behind something that you need to build something great, you know, and so I definitely understand that. And a lot of people ignore that. And that’s why you can tell the person who is stagnant because they don’t believe in the help, or they turned down the help. And you need the you need the help with the people to get to a certain level of life. Absolutely.

Heather Warburton 17:18
And it just, for your emotional health as well. It just, you know, you can’t just take the world on by yourself, you know, sometimes we need comrades to you know, boost you up.

Ambition 17:31
Right. That’s so true. You need it. You have to you can’t do it. I’ve been there done that tried to do it by myself. And it doesn’t get you anywhere fast. Reach out to people tell them you need help. Tell them what you’re trying to do. You want to build what your mission is. And there’s somebody out there that will definitely you know, help you with this.

Heather Warburton 17:55
And when you’re not also doing poetry, you have a book as well that you have published and are selling right?

Ambition 18:01
Yes, yes. Wow, this is my third book. And it’s called “From The Tongue of a Foster Child” , which is the series and this is part three. This is really interesting about the series of these books is just a perspective coming from a foster child’s mouth. And what I wanted to do was really express different views. So this this book, we got a section called “Black-ish”, which is a section about you know, some of the issues going on in the black community. And then I have a section called “The Shift Series”, which is very we risky, as far as love and intimacy. And then I have a session called “Foster Care Memories”, which goes through a portion of my life, and each one of my books I have. I talked about different topics, but each one of the books have a section dedicated to foster care memories, or foster care stories. That is slowly telling my life to each book about what happened. And right now, I’m currently I would say around the age of 10, or 11. So I still have a long way to go to tell, you know, all of what happened is so massive.

But I really wanted to name it that because what I want to teach people is just because of what you went through, you know, the common thing, that doesn’t mean that you can’t write a book doesn’t mean you can’t be better. And the foster child is a stigma to some but to me, I was able to transform it into my armor, and to let other people know around the globe, if you’re a foster child, I hear you, and I know some of the issues, but this is what I’m doing and I hope that you do the same in whatever your respective in the industry is.

Heather Warburton 19:55
So where can people find your poetry? Where can they find your clothing line? Where can they find these books?

Ambition 20:01
Alright, so they could definitely find the book on Amazon. So that’s where if you just want to buy it online, they can always reach out to me on instagram ambition, the poet. And the clothing line has its own website is where you can look through the clothing and you can see the different designs. You can also reach out to me so I can give you a better explanation of what’s going on and the different characters they have different stories, things of that nature. So yeah, and then you can follow me and see the events that I’m performing and actually see me in person.

Heather Warburton 20:42
I highly recommend people get the chance to see you in person, because even though he’s going to be nice and perform something here for us today, you really get to see the passion when he’s performing in person that doesn’t you can’t quite see it over. You know when you’re listening to this through your earbuds but really, it’s a whole performance of your energy and working with the crowd that’s important to that I highly encourage.

Ambition 21:06
The video capture that it’s like, the video can’t capture it, neither can the audio because when you’re in the person, it’s still the best form of communication, right? It’s like, you get the hear it and you get to see it and you get to feel the energy that I’m giving you, and hoping you can feel it what I’m saying, you know, so,

Heather Warburton 21:25
Yeah, I have a friend that says you never really know somebody until you get each other stink on you, you gotta be in the same room

So what are you gonna perform for us today?

Ambition 21:42
Um, um, I guess I can perform a poem called Never Give Up.

It’s like the it’s almost like Be Yourself but you’ll see, though, won’t be too long.

Heather Warburton 23:18
Okay, alright. Sounds good

(We aren’t republishing his poem here in the transcript, if you want to hear it you need to listen to the podcast or check out Ambition in person)

Thank you.

That was awesome. Thank you so much for that. I did. It’s perfect. It’s happened, you know, for my anti capitalist podcast saying money is not the value of your worth, you know?


That’s true. At the end of the day, it’s who you are. And in both instances, Martin and Lucios struggled with that. Once they lost their money. They lost kinda who they were. They let their money define them. And I think that’s one part about capitalism. And I’m a capitalist, I’m not going to know fraud you but I do think we do make the mistake that money is defining us. It is the most dangerous thing in America to be, quite frankly, is that the money does define and when we lose it, you know, some people commit suicide, some people, they have no idea who they are without their money. And so that’s why I definitely want to write that piece. And you know, tap into that.


Yeah, I like it.

Ambition 25:36
Thank you. Thank you so much.

Heather Warburton 25:38
I actually did have one final question I asked a lot of people this is. Do you consider yourself an optimist?

Ambition 25:47
Yes, I do but I can be a negative Nancy.

Ambition 25:53
Some days I am a Negative Nancy. I am not gonna fraud you. Some days I do get a little negative but for the most part, I believe we are serious about who we are, you have to be an optimist because it’s like, it’s the whole viewpoint of your success and who you are as a person. Once you lose the majority of your thinking to negative energy and negative viewpoints, you’re done. You’re done. You’re not going to get you’re not going to be successful in that. That is very important for you to be majority positive in your thinking, which is basically linked into being optimistic. So yes.


Thank you so much for being here. Do you have any final words before we close it out today?


No, I just want to say thank you for having me on your platform. And you know, to tell you like I was telling you guys in the room to keep going, be bold. And do not be afraid of anybody that you know, goes against your message. You’re not for them. You’re for the people who are trying to find your message. And to make sure that you know that you’re given the facts, the way you see it the way that you study, and make sure that you just keep going. And I hope and Blessings to you and your mission statement and just keep it up and don’t stop. Don’t give up. Right,


You’re right. There you go.

Ambition 27:18
You can’t give up. And I can’t give up either. We both know somebody in the grave right now, who does not have a beating heart, which means because you’re living, you still have the opportunity to do great things.

Heather Warburton 27:30
Thank you so much for that. To my listeners, thank you so much for joining us here today. We would not be here if it was not for you guys. We are not the mainstream media. We’re trying to create something brand new here that hasn’t existed before. And really to be the voice of the underdogs or the activists or the people that are trying to inspire change in the world. And that’s why we need your help. We do not take any corporate money here on New Jersey Revolution Radio. We only accept donations from our partnering organizations or from people like you. So if you can go on to and click on that Donate button, even if you can only afford $1 a month, it’s so really helps us out. We appreciate you so much. The future is yours to create, go out there and create it.

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