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Hello and welcome, listeners! Christian Perez is our host tonight, as he is on the last Wednesday of every month. Christian begins by taking a look at Joe Biden’s new 4 trillion dollar American Families Plan. Among the proposed pieces of legislation are expanded free lunch programs for the summer season, enhanced Pell Grants, free community college, enhanced funding for educational workforce recruitment, and funding universal preschools. 

These are generally good things. Teachers and students in this country need all the support they can get. Universal funding for preschool, asserts Christian, is a great idea. This plan would cost 1.8 trillion and will, according to the Biden administration, be funded by increasing taxes on the rich. 

The Armenian Genocide

In more somber news, this week was the 106th anniversary of the Armenian Genocide. In the Armenian Genocide, experts say that up to 1.5 million Armenians were murdered at the hands of the Ottoman empire. American leaders have been afraid to criticize Turkey because they have realized the country’s geopolitical importance. 

After 106 years, President Biden has finally acknowledged the Armenian Genocide as a genocide. Christian is critical of Biden, but when he does something good, he will acknowledge it. After all, argues Christian, if we’re going to call out the Chinese for their oppression of Uyghur people, argues Christian, we also have to call out the Turks’ historical oppression of Armenians. 

Carlson Bullshit Of The Week

Tucker Carlson is a man who makes millions of dollars spreading lies and propaganda on mainstream media. No matter how often he makes a fool of himself by saying something incorrect or even downright dangerous, he maintains a fanbase on FOX News. This week, Carlson said that if you see a child playing outside with a mask on, you should call the police, the same way you would if a child was being beaten in a Wal-mart. We at Revolution Radio hope that Tucker Carlson is eventually held accountable for his lies and fades into complete irrelevance.

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#NJRR Live Welcomes Jennifer Lewinski!

Tonight’s special guest is Jennifer Lewinski! Jennifer is an activist and organizer out of Asbury Park, New Jersey. Asbury Park spends 100,000 dollars on social services every year. Meanwhile, in the same time, it spends 11 million dollars, or a 30% of its budget, on the police force.

Derek Chauvin has been convicted but this does not meet Jennifer’s definition of justice. This man will do his time in jail but he has already been cemented as a martyr in the eyes of the alt-right, a victim in his own eyes. He will not be held accountable in the sense that he will never have to face Floyd’s family or the community. He will never be required to apologize for his murder.

Struggles In Asbury Park

The New Jersey European Heritage Association is a white supremacy organization that began activity in 2018. Recently, there has been NJEHA activity near or in Asbury Park. This is especially alarming because Asbury Park used to be considered a fairly safe neighborhood for leftists to live in. Even though they may be in her town, Jennifer is not afraid of singular white supremacists. She’s more concerned with societal policies that support white supremacy, such as gentrification.

Jennifer is also worried about the Asbury Park school district, particularly the middle schools. Jennifer has a trans daughter who faced bigotry in school. She remembers that her daughter faced bullying and the school district was extremely uncooperative in providing a safe education for her. In an act of appalling transphobia, they even suggested that she was causing her own problems by refusing to dress like a boy.

See You Next Week!

Jennifer is the founder of a nonprofit called the Asbury Park Transformative Justice Project, which seeks to lower recidivism and build safer communities by activating transformative justice practices in place of the current violent systems. They have been struggling with donations since the pandemic hit, so keep that in mind if you have some spare money.

Until next week, everyone, stay safe and stay informed!

-Leah Giannantonio, for the Revolution Radio Network

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