#NJRR Live: Covad-19 and Independent Media

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Laurie Endicott-Thomas Returns

We are in the midst of strange times with Covad-19 spreading globally. Some estimates as of this podcast are in millions of people getting infected, and the death toll is continuing an exponential increase. Laurie Endicott-Thomas author of “No More Measles- The Truth About Vaccines and Your Health”

Christian Perez

As the world continues to brace for the coming tide of economic effects, Venezuela, Iran, and other countries still face economic sanctions due to US foreign policy. Our resident professor updates us on the efforts from Cuba and other Latin American countries to save lives while the Trump administration plays global politics.

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Independant Media

Eric Dawson (The Eric Dawson Show) and Joe Amditis (Center For Cooperative Media) join Diane and Brian for an round table on media. How will these rapid changes to our country be dealt with? Who gets information out? Can we foster a more robust media? Listen in or watch. #NJRR

A picture of Blake Spencer and his Husband Jim and a Picture with Heather Warburton interviewing Blake. Title "A journey to me"
A journey to me premeire event.

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