#NJRR Live: En Las Calles de Colombia con Angie Morales

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Before we begin, the Revolution Radio Network has an announcement to make: Join us on June 22 at The Coffeehouse in Edison, New Jersey! We will be having our first live in-person show since the pandemic began. Come out and say hi! Brian, Christian, Daryle, and Leah will all be there! The Revolution Radio Network welcomes you with open arms.

We start tonight’s show by bringing in one of our Editorial Board members and dear comrades, Belisha Beacon, who joins us from Florida.

Revolution Radio Stands In Solidarity With Palestine

What is happening in the Middle East is beyond horrifying. Israel is dominating and oppressing Palestine and hiding behind the invalid excuse of self-defense. Palestinians are begging the world to pay attention to their plight. Brian is embarrassed as a human being that people in any part of the world have to ask to be treated with dignity. 

There is a blatant right and wrong in this situation. It is not antisemitic to condemn Israel for genocide. The United States is funding Israel to wipe Palestinians off of the face of the Earth. We at Revolution Radio have every intention to keep the conversation about Palestine going.

[#NJRR Live with Brian Powers, Belisha Beacon, and Angie Morales]

What’s Going On In Cali, Colombia?

Our special guest tonight is Angie Morales. She joins us from her home in Cali, Colombia. Angie is 22 and was born and raised in Cali. She is currently studying political science and conflict resolution at Universidad del Valle, the city’s university. She has participated in protests in the streets of Cali since April 28th. Her organization, Ciudad en Movimiento, was created from a larger national movement called Congress of the Villages. 

Ciudad en Movimiento is a social and political organization with the objective to construct cities into dignified places to live for all. Their motto is constructing cities with dignity. They are made up of people from all walks of life: women, men and children, young people, environmentalists, mothers and social leaders across villages, districts and cities and institutional spaces. They have centers in cities all across Colombia, not just in Cali.

Police Militarization

Video of a protest performance is shown on stream. The performance was put on by a young woman who attends the same university as Angie. This video went viral in Colombia on several social media platforms. The depicted protest is being held in response to a lawyer being murdered by police in Cali.  This event caused riots at the Capitol and protests spread across the nation. In Colombia, women, poor people, and other vulnerable groups are frequent victims of police violence.

Currently, most of the support that Angie is seeing people in Ciudad en Movimiento get is coming from within the organization. The Colombian government is trying to censor Ciudad en Movimiento and similar organizations because it does not want people outside of the country to know what’s going on.

Ciudad en Movimiento

Ciudad en Movimiento demands demilitarization in Cali as well as the resignation of various Colombian political leaders. Angie shares that a human rights organization reports that 1778 cases of police abuse, 11 cases of sexual abuse, 168 missing persons, and 42 deaths have taken place in Cali in only two weeks. As a social worker, Angie is profoundly impacted by these numbers on a psychosocial level. Ciudad en Movimiento is a way to fight back.

-Leah Giannantonio, for the New Jersey Revolution Radio Network

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