#NJRR Live: L@rk Lo- Early Anti- Racist Education

The World on The Brink of War

Diane and Brian discuss the Venezuelan Embassy standoff in its final hours, just after this podcast police entered the Embassy illegally and arrested the remaining protestors including Comrades Kevin Zeese and Margeret Flowers from Popular Resistance. 

#Justice For Jameek

Sweeney The Weeney Returns

More austerity for working class citizens from a “union man” obsessed with attacking public workers. Personal vendettas continue to drive politics in Trenton. Our State Senate President  has once again come up with solutions that keep in place all the goodies those precious millionaires like, while screwing with people who actually work for a living.

L@rk Lo

L@rk Lo Talks with Diane about educating parents to raise children that can end racism. Check out her upcoming event The (Online) Accomplices Book Group


Fighting Back: NJ Public Educators Take on Sweeney
Opinion: The AFL-CIO Should Throw Steve Sweeney Out


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