#NJRR Live: Taking Back Power From The Corrupt

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Thank you for joining us this Wednesday as the Revolution Radio Network brings you #NJRR Live! We start by bringing in our co-host, Christian Perez, to talk about something infuriating.

Billionaires in Space

Our space travel system is shifting into the hands of billionaires who have the sole true purpose of acquiring resources, power, and money for themselves. In modern society, people are so desperate to find real-life heroes that they start idolizing obscenely rich people. 

Billionaires have enough money to feed every person on this planet, yet they don’t do it. That fact, among many others, clearly indicates that they are not actually good people. Are these really the people we want expanding human territory into the galaxy?

[#NJRR Live with Brian Powers and Christian Perez]

Give Cuban Socialism a Chance

People in Cuba are frustrated. They want freedom. They need inventory, such as syringes, that could be provided by the United States. We need to lift the embargo, flood the country with goods, and let Cuban socialism have a chance.

Donald Trump was a raging nightmare of a president, but Joe Biden is just the same old song and dance, or perhaps even worse. In fact, even under the Obama administration, we were allowed to enter Cuba. Trump enacted 200 sanctions on Cuba during his four years in power and Biden has reversed none of them. Modern American government blatantly wants Cuban socialism to fail and will stop at implementing no overly restrictive policy while following that agenda.

Haiti in Crisis

The reality of Haiti is that it has hosted a violent political scene for 300 years. The Haitian Revolution was far more of an actual revolution than the American Revolution ever was. If you look at the type of people who were in power before and after both Revolutions, this becomes evident.

Haiti is an example of a country with a small, loose government. Brian advises libertarians to take heed of that fact in conjunction with the current state of affairs in Haiti. Brian also clarifies that this is not intended to be a criticism of everyday Haitian people, but of a government that is not working for its people. 


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-Leah Giannantonio, for the Revolution Radio Network

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