#NJRR Live: The State of The State, South America, and Vaccines

Vaccinations seem to attract more activism than other issues we work on at #NJRR,  however the messages from these mobilized masses do not seem to align with facts, science, or at times common sense. New Jersey Revolution Radio put this panel together so NJ that could look at this issue from a clinical and social perspective.

To Start Off

Christian Perez and Brian Powers start off by laying a critical eye on the Governor’s annual address to the state of NJ. Praise is due to all of our hard working educators, our state ranked # 1 for quality of education. New Jersey remain highly segregated and the school to prison is a reality for many of our students.

Christian Perez Gives us an update on South America and the current political turmoil in Venezuela, Brazil, and more.

Vaccinations are good things.

After a bill requiring more children to be vaccinated in order to attend public schools failed to pass the legislature #NJRR’s Senior Organizer laments that he should have done this earlier. But better late than never. Our Panel includes Kim Meudt (a registered nurse who gives vaccinations and understands their chemistry), Christian (Our conspiracy theory expert), Laurie Endicott-Thomas (Author of “No More Measels”), and activist hero and BLM organizer Shevone Torres shares her personal story about vaccines, and calls out the dangerous propagandists that prey on her community.

Race has always played a critical role in the way Americans receive healthcare, and this issue has deeply affected African American neighborhoods. The “kernel of truth” way of spreading disinformation is noted by the panel and discussed as it relates. The history, chemistry, and importance of vaccines are discussed and you are encouraged to listen to medical professionals when it comes to making these decisions.

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