#NJRR Live With Brian Powers July 21, 2021

#NJRR Live with Brian Powers

Brian greets us from his workshop in Maine. Tonight, he wants to talk a bit about unions and the way they solve disputes. Brian encourages watchers and listeners to take a moment to prepare themselves to come into things listening. Brian came from IBEW Local 827, which is a union that represents communication workers in New Jersey. The union has taken a lot of hits in its day, as labor unions do, but Brian certainly grew in his activism through involvement. 

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[#NJRR Live With Brian Powers July 21, 2021]

Preventable Loss

Brian expresses his condolences to Debbie, a beloved IBEW827 leader who lost a brother. This brother was a man who was a conservative, followed several Facebook conspiracy theory communities, and refused to get vaccinated against COVID-19. He recently contracted the virus and died. He even resisted treatment recommended by doctors early on, also due to his beliefs in conspiracy theories. 

This man was 60. He had children in their 20s. Those kids did not have to experience the pain of losing someone they loved. This death was preventable. At the wake, several acquaintances told Debbie that they had finally gotten vaccinated because of the loss. Brian begs the audience to take the pandemic seriously and get vaccinated. Not only will it protect you personally, but it affects us all.

-Leah Giannantonio, for the Revolution Radio Network

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