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It is Wednesday night, and that means it is time for #NJRR Live on the Revolution Radio network! Tonight, our host is Christian Perez. Our network had a busy week with productions and Christian has been here with us on air every day so far. Christian is also the host of the Modernity and Absurdity podcast, which can be found on Stitcher, Apple Podcasts, and Youtube.

We begin by addressing the horrific shootings that took place this week in Boulder and Atlanta. As the COVID-19 vaccine is being distributed, people are emerging from their homes into society. Tragically, in America, this has meant the resurfacing of gun violence. Christian reflects on how sad it is that gun violence is a norm that we seem to be returning to as a nation. Brian is nervous about what kinds of events we will see in the coming months with the multitude of people in the world who are about to be reentering society after a pandemic that adversely affected mental health. 

A Misunderstood Debate

Gun control is a poorly debated issue. Many people are unaware of the nuances of gun control. For example, many of Christians students did not know that liberals and leftists have different views on gun control. Typically, liberals are for gun control, while leftists tend to be pro-gun. Also, as Brian points out, most folks do not know what an assault weapon is. Many would say that it’s an automatic or semi-automatic rifle, but actually, an assault weapon is not so clearly defined. The classifications vary from state to state.

Those with a history of violent crime should not be allowed to buy guns. That is something most of us can agree on. However, all people need to eat. When you are poor, a firearm can be a way to directly obtain food from the wild for your family.  Brian is troubled that some policy makers want to disarm oppressed populations. He would have police disarmed before any minority groups. The military industrial complex in America is strong and it only seems to be getting stronger. Disarming a populous while the federal government is so strongly armed would be a poorly thought out decision. 

[#NJRR Live March 24, 2021 with Christian Perez and Brian Powers]

Political Motivation

Christian remembers the 60s and 70s in California, when conservatives started favoring gun control because the Black Panthers started educating themselves on the law and getting armed. Suddenly, gun control became a statewide priority. If oppressed groups started becoming more militant, Christian predicts, there will be more conversation about gun control from across the political spectrum. 

Brian does not want to give the impression that he is glossing over tragedy or ignoring the issue. We are all tired of senseless violence. He believes that addressing issues such as minimum wage and universal healthcare will lead directly to lower rates of gun violence. Politicians scapegoat mental illness or even sex addiction as causes of gun violence to distract us from the real issues. When police look into these issues, the investigations are corrupt.

Christian used to have an assignment in one of his classes where he asked his students to write a two page paper and give a short presentation on current events. However, Christian decided to stop giving this assignment in around 2017 because the only thing his students would be looking into were shootings. The discussions were getting repetitive and depressing, especially as the issue in question kept escalating and repeating.

Where The Decisions Come From

We have to start investigating how decisions get made in our society. 81 percent of white Evangelicals voted for Donald Trump, a man who groped women and put children in cages. These voters sell out everything they claim to stand for just to vote red. Another interesting and perhaps vaguely related statistic is that 70 percent of men claiming to be white Evangelicals hide their porn use.  The cognitive dissonance among American voters is strong.

Brian asks Christian why, despite talking about it endlessly, politicians never seem to make real policy moves to defund the police. Christian reiterates that police have political power, not to mention, they enforce policy selectively in different neighborhoods. This means that people of color are arrested unfairly on the regular, yet many white people have never had a single negative experience with the police. This causes a disparity in attitudes and therefore affects whether people vote to fund the police. 

Catching Up

Before we go for the next week or so, Brian asks Christian if there are any last points he wanted to touch on. Christian remembers the Special Report that he did with Brian and Dr. La’Tesha Sampson on Monday. He did not get a change to elaborate on the LaRouche cult. According to RationalWiki, LaRouche’s followers typically believe that the British Royal Monarchy still rules the British empire. It follows that the United States is actually a political slave to England. LaRouche also believed that the Beatles were a cultural plot to lead us into a new Dark Age. According to him, Pokemon and Harry Potter were the real cults. 

[Late cult leader Lydon LaRouche]

The panel reflects on how cults seem crazy to everyone except those already indoctrinated. It can be unexpectedly easy to fall into cult-like behavior. People in cults legitimately alter their personalities depending on their environment. Those who abandon morality to vote for Donald Trump are already headed in that direction. Trump’s growing cult following is garnering him attention and money. He gladly accepts the fact that some people falsely see him as a Messiah figure.

After Monday’s #NJRR Live Special Report, Tuesday’s Idavox Report, and tonight’s episode of #NJRR Live with Christian Perez, we will be on break for the next week. We will be live again in April! Until then, feel free to check out some of our older shows. If you like what you see, don’t forget to donate! Your contributions allow us to continue our work.

-Leah Giannantonio, for the Revolution Radio Network

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