#NJRR Live With Diane and Brian: Community Responses During The Crisis

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Woodbridge Non- Emergency Line Fail

This week on the show we talk about how communities are responding around the state. After Brian released a recording of the Police answering a township non emergency line, and basically hanging up on him after a request to talk to a health department official. That incident resulted in some conversations with City Councilperson Cory Spillar, who defended the Townships response, but took the time to hear his concerns. Cory’s response included copies of handouts given to every essential business in town regarding social distancing and other guidelines. This information is being updated constantly and we encourage everyone to stay home and take every precaution to protect our essential employees. Taking these steps protects everybody, including police “just doing their jobs”.

So we brought in Heather Warburton of WIne, Women and Revolution plus Christian Perez to discuss how localities are responding. Testing facilities, emergency healthcare centers and other resources at all levels are doing good work, making mistakes, and learning on the job. We all need to be able to manage anxiety and support each other.

Clown Car Coup Continues

Christian keeps us reminded that conspiracy theories in these times are dangerous. We also update you on the Clown Car Coup in Venezuela, the US continues to embarrass itself on the world stage. Juan Guaido is fading, and now our state department is trying to say President Maduro is a drug dealer. For real.

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