People Over Pipelines President Demands an End to “Fossil Fuel Infrastructure.”

People Over Pipelines President Demands an End to “Fossil Fuel Infrastructure.”
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Agnes Marsala is the President of the local grassroots group People Over Pipelines. She spent years fighting Chris Christie and his cronies on the Pinelands Commission and the Department of Environmental Protections. With a newer, “friendlier” Governor in office many thought that the move off of fossil fuels would speed up. Those activists and voters may be disappointed to hear that on Monday, construction on a new pipeline is set to begin.

Counting on getting it started.

The SRL pipeline is going to get started on Monday, according to Agnes. This construction will be  in spite of several cases currently being litigated. But the company is counting on a judge considering that the project has already been started. And that may make a difference. You can help by calling Gov. Murphy’s office at (609)-292-6000 and demanding he put a moratorium on all pipeline construction. He has the power to do it.

To start out, stop digging the hole.

The recent reports coming out of the UN and the Trump administration all indicate that the climate crisis may be worse than any previous study indicates. The UN report says that we may only have 12 years before we see even more devastating effects of climate change. We are facing down a major change in our planet and their is almost no turning back. If we have any chance, we need to stop building fossil fuel infrastructure NOW!

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