Racetraitor: Extreme Metal With an Anti-Racist Message

Special Guest Host Brian Powers

Recorded on #NJRR Live 2/6/2019
Photos of the band done by Hillarie Jason

The band name is shocking and the music is extreme. Race Traitor’s recent show at Black Flags Over Brooklyn made the headlines of major outlets like Rolling Stone. For over 20 years with some down time this band has pushed to the extremes musically while calling for a more inclusive “scene”. Mani (Pronounce like money), the lead singer talks with Brian Powers about his introduction to hardcore and punk at a young age.

The conversation goes from music to gender to politics and personal stories. This is two metal heads jamming on thought. We hope you enjoy this edition of #NJRR Live as much as we enjoyed making it!

Check out the newest Race Traitor Album “2042”

Mani’s story is common among many musicians. His passion drives him to music. Some members of Race Traitor work in the music industry. Most notably the drummer Andy Hurley from the popular band Fallout Boy .

This video contains the songs Damaged and Cataclysm. 

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