#NJRR Live With Brian Powers

Hosted ByBrian Powers

@RevRadNat Special Reports: Gutless, Republicans Acquit Trump

Brian Powers #NJRR Live Senior Organizer
Host Brian Powers
Cate Manachio Activist/ Artivist and Organizer with MPP
Justin Roig is a member of the young eco-socialst.
Leah Giannantonio RevRad Writing Staff

Let’s get this out, because nobody else will.

@RevRadNat knew that leftists needed to get together and have a real discussion about the coowardly actions of 43 Republicans in the Senate who acquited Donald Trump and invited more political violence to America. The discussion is not the same as the ones on corporate media. We talk from the proletarian experience, join host Brian Powers with these energentic editorial board members and guests for the special panel discussion.

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