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It is Tuesday night, and we are honored to have you join us for another episode of the #Idavox Report! Tonight’s panel consists of Daryle Lamont Jenkins, Brian Powers, and Christian Perez. We begin, as we often do, by taking a look at some current events in the world of activism. Derek Chauvin is finally being held at trial following months of grassroots activism and protests sparked by his murder of George Floyd. Despite a somewhat promising trial with a solid prosecution, Daryle believes it could go either way. “Police don’t get in trouble, so anything is possible,” he says. We have to keep fighting to ensure that there will be further police accountability.

Daryle explains the root of the problem is those that use bad cops to go after minority communities. America has a right wing problem. The right has always demonized people of color. Daryle remembers back to 1994 in Keansburg, NJ, when he picked up his first arrest. He was trying to use a phone booth in a deli one night in a redneck neighborhood when the police were called on him. He was accused of”chasing a white woman” through the neighborhood. The charges were eventually dismissed because no white women stepped forward as victims. Daryle wrote his very first column about this incident.

[April 13, 2021 #Idavox Report with Daryle Lamont Jenkins, Brian Powers, and Christian Perez]

The Early Giuliani Disasters

1994, apparently a bad year for racism, is also when Rudolph Giuliani took office as the 107th Mayor of New York City. Thus began an era of accelerated racism and corrupt policy in the city and in the country at large. Giuliani’s tactics as mayor were always all about courting bigots. The ali-right found a home in his work in New York City politics.

Before his mayorship, Giuliani had been serving as Associate Deputy Attorney General, appointed by Ronald Reagan. During this time, he went after a mafia group as well as opening cases against several high-profile individuals such as stock traders. The practice known as perp walking can be mainly attributed to Giuliani. According to Wikipedia, “The practice rose in popularity in the 1980s under U.S. Attorney Rudolph Giuliani, when white-collar criminals were perp-walked.”

Courting Bigots

Before becoming Mayor, Giuliani had a failed run in 1989. He lost to David Dinkins, who went on to become the first Black Mayor of New York City. This loss launched a four-year smear campaign against Dinkins. This campaign was aided by talk radio, The New York  Post, the Daily News, plus other far right and even mainstream media/opinion leaders who were able to create immense sway in public opinion. Giuliani spent these four years courting very bigot in New York City for another shot at the mayorship.

David Dinkins actually brought down crime rates during his time as mayor, but Giuliani has historically either minimized that fact or taken credit for it. Every time Dinkins said something, the local media went to Giuliani just to hear him claim that he’d have handled it differently were he mayor instead. 

Problems with the NYPD 

The NYPD have always had immense power. When Daryle wrote an article in 2000, he wrote that over 100 people had been killed by police in New York City. When David Dinkins made moves to have the police monitored and reviewed by an external board, he was heavily criticized as being too soft on crime. Thus, the police have continued to be in charge of reviewing themselves and the stage was set for Giuliani’s narrow victory in 1994.

What Giuliani actually did as mayor was make things worse. During his first four years in office, he instituted a number of bold changes under the guise of combating the drug problem. The initiatives ranged from no public drinking of alcohol to no loitering to bike riding on the sidewalk to roundups of Washington Heights youth who fit a “gang profile”. 

Police Mindsets

This particular initiative meant that any group of 3 or more kids who were, essentially, not white or not dressed like white people, were targeted in these roundups. The cops routinely threw these kids up against the wall and performed searches. Usually, the kids would not have any contraband on them. Occasionally, they would happen to be up to something, as people in a free country inevitably sometimes are. In this case, they’d be swiftly arrested and added to the statistic of minority crime.

The police are the one institution in this country where, if you suggest reform, you are instantly seen as politically radical. In other countries, you have to train for years to become an officer. In America, if you want to be a cop, you train for a few weeks, you’re given a gun, and sent to duty. Often, police had their heads filled by right-wing propaganda before they were given their badges. 

Giuliani’s Continuing Legacy Of Bullshit

During Giuliani’s second term, he became more aggressive against the Black community. For example, he went after the Million Youth March rally in Harlem, trying to throw roadblock after roadblock in the way. The rally happened anyway and Daryle was there. He witnessed police violence as well as Black people fighting back against police. Speaking of rallies, last week, Daryle went to a New York City site where a White Lives Matter rally was supposed to be held. Only one person was there. 

Alarmingly, Giuliani still has a radio show. Brian listened to it earlier in the day and found that, sadly, Guiliani is still using the same talking points from the end of the Trump regime, and agitating conspiracies in the base. Since a fair share of right-wing media personalities are being banned from Twitter and other social media, some are starting podcasts as a way to express themselves. In this way, one of our network’s mediums is becoming a battleground.

[TIME Magazine featuring Giuliani, who maintained public favor despite his bigotry, in 2001.]


Christian Perez, our network’s resident professor and conspiracy theory expert, has some exciting stuff coming up! He will be teaching a lifelong learning course through Brookdale Community College. This seminar will be two hours long and will be held from 6:30-8:30 PM on April 19, 2021. The cost is $19 and the lecture is called Exploring QAnon and Antifa. During the course, Christian will be delving into the false equivalency that is too often drawn between these two groups.

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Until next time, everyone, stay safe and stay informed.

-Leah Giannantonio, for the Revolution Radio Network

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