Still Demanding Answers In Paterson – Corey Lewis Teague

Recorded 4/12/2019

It has been far too long and the media is ignoring a massive injustice ongoing in Paterson. 94 Days after Jameek Lowery showed up in a Paterson police department telling the world that they were going to kill him, no answers. It appears he may have been right, but nobody is being told the truth.

The City Council have acted like cowards. They have put no evidence forth, including the original autopsy report. The City of Paterson has concerned itself more with tone policing and arresting activists. At city council meetings, elected officials defending the pepper spraying of family members, saying they were out of line. The family of a murdered man demanding answers are not the ones covering up things. Activist Corey Lewis Teague Talks about his demands and the help he needs to get #JusticeForJameek .

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