The #Idavox Report: The Adventures of Daryle Lamont Jenkins

Welcome to the #Idavox Report!

Welcome to the #Idavox Report, hosted by Daryle Lamont Jenkins every Tuesday at 8PM EST. He is joined tonight as usual by Brian Powers and Christian Perez. The panel begins by discussing music for a while and anticipating a future show with artist Not4Prophet. Daryle also wants to try to get some of the contributors of 40 Ways to Fight Fascists onto the show soon.

40 Ways to Fight Fascists is a pamphlet written by Spencer Sunshine that talks about practical ways to deal with fascism one might encounter in the streets. If you ordered merch from the One People’s Project website within the past year or so, you received a free copy along with your order. Daryle and his organizations are committed to spreading information to fight hatred in everyday life.

The Adventures of DLJ

On last week’s show, Daryle discussed the Justice for J6 “rally.” A few days later, there were local events going on across the country in favor of the insurrectionists. They were generally poorly attended. Over the weekend, Daryle went to Trenton to oppose their local J6 rally. There were apparently around 15 protestors in attendance. 

At the event, Daryle confidently called out the presence of Proud Boys on a poster that was accompanying a speech being made: “let’s talk about embarrassing.” The encounter develops into an argument, and Daryle ends up defending the fact that he is wearing a mask. 

[The #Idavox Report with Daryle Lamont Jenkins, Brian Powers, and Christian Perez]

What is the #Idavox Report?

The #Idavox Report is a weekly podcast and production brought to you by Revolution Radio through our affiliation with the One People’s Project. Our national independent media network was created to foster art and activism. We are anti-capitalist and we do not accept corporate money so that our message is never compromised. You can support us through:

Who’s On The Show?


The radical right is dangerous and needs to be kept in check. That is where long-time Revolution Radio comrade Daryle Lamont Jenkins comes in. Daryle is an award-winning author and producer who has been in activism for over 30 years. Today, Daryle works tirelessly with his company, One People’s Project, and its newsline, Idavox, to identify and doxx members of dangerous right-wing groups. More often than not, these groups include white supremacists and Nazis. Knowledge is power and the knowledge that Daryle collects gives us the power to fight back. 


Founder and Senior Organizer Brian Powers started Revolution Radio in 2018 as a homemade podcast and has since developed the company into what it is today. He has been working in activism for over 20 years. Brian’s activism began in New Jersey but has since expanded nationally as he has moved to Maine. He got his start in the labor sector, but today his activism includes but is not limited to issues involving labor, immigration, incarceration, foreign policy, poverty, cannabis justice, mutual aid, police violence, and justice system reform.


Christian Perez, the host of the Modernity and Absurdity podcast, is our network’s resident expert.  A professor of political science, Christian Perez brings a variety of academic credentials and expertise on subjects from conspiracy theories to politics. Christian and Brian are both regulars on the #Idavox Report.

The #Idavox Report frequently features special guests. These guests include veteran activists, political figures, talented artists, and more. 

The #Idavox Report with Daryle Lamont Jenkins Will Be Live At 8PM EST Next Week!

Revolution Radio covers events from across the country and across the globe. It is up to independent media to bring the people legitimate and relevant information. That’s where we come in by producing shows like the #Idavox Report, hosting a diverse editorial board, and much more. We are committed to covering worldwide struggles against the establishment as a growing network in order to fight fascism as a whole. 

Don’t miss the next #Idavox Report on Tuesday at 8PM EST on the Revolution Radio network! You can catch the livestream on our Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, or on our website homepage. See you there!

-Leah Giannantonio, for the Revolution Radio Network

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