#NJRR Live: The Boogaloo Outreach to Comrades, DLJ Responds

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Welcome to #NJRR Live! Thank you so much for tuning in for our podcast. Revolution Radio is a grassroots network meant to bring platforms to activists fighting for social change. Unfortunately, in the weeks following the election, the mainstream media has been criminally neglecting activist movements. Revolution Radio is teaming up tonight with Daryle Lamont-Jenkins, long-time comrade and founder of One People’s Project, to bring you The Idavox Report. From now on, you will be able to catch Idavox Reports on Revolution Radio every Tuesday at 8PM EST.

Daryle does not mince words. Right wing activity has come to a head, to the point where we as leftists are going to have to figure out what to do about it. Right wing groups are getting bigger. Recently, comedian and Youtuber Jimmy Dore had a member of the Boogaloo movement on his show. Jimmy Dore is considered a liberal figure. He identifies as progressive. Yet by his own admission, he had no idea who the Boogaloo boys were before he had one on the show. This was irresponsible journalism on the part of Jimmy Dore. This behavior verges on, some may even say breaches, apologism, and it needs to stop. It is entirely unacceptable that he was platforming someone who was from a right-wing group containing Neonazis.

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Daryle Lamont-Jenkins and Abner Hauge

The Boogaloo movement has been conflated by its own members to the second Civil War, which will take place when Republicans are no longer able to win elections. Members were coordinating riots if Trump lost for months before the election. For more on this, we welcome all the way from the West Coast (the “Left Coast,” as he calls it) author Abner Hauge. Abner was recently profiled in the Washington Post for their work doxxing members of right-wing movements.

Abner tells us that the Boogaloo movement is a deliberative, coordinated effort that uses bullshit talking points reminiscent of libertarian rhetoric. Their idea of freedom derives largely from settler colonialism. It boils down to a bunch of guys who want to own their own little fiefdoms. It is not so much a centralized movement as one that is just heavily associated with patriotism. 

Dismantling Boogaloos

Abner and their website successfully infiltrated a Boogaloo movement Discord server that had over 2,000 members called the Citizens Liberty Organization. This effort included leaking the public relations document. Said document contained instructions to infiltrate BLM protests and cause mayhem, with the goal of ultimately leading to governmental collapse. Members of the group had been gathering and plotting in the server for months before it was brought down. The endgame for these people is anarcho-capitalism, which is really just more capitalism in the end. One of the lines in the PR document was “remember: they think these protests are about Black Lives.”

Abner Hauge Left Coast Right Wing Watch @LCRWNews
[#NJRR Live January 27, 2021 with Brian Powers, Daryle Lamont-Jenkins, Christian Perez, Cate Manochio, and Leah Giannantonio]

Abner tells us that the Boogaloo boys were intentionally framing Antifa. That is why they attacked in the way that they did. Christian reminds us of a haunting similarity. Nearly a hundred years ago, Nazis appropriated left-wing language to trick German people into joining their movement.

Abner’s website, which was mentioned before, is all about taking down right-wing groups. If you’re interested in being part of a project such as taking down dangerous Discord server, check out https://leftcoastrightwatch.org/. Abner is also on Twitter

Cate Manachio (MPP Movement for a People’s Party)

Cate Manochio of The MPP

#NJRR Live welcomes to our panel Editorial Board Member Cate Manochio as well as writer Leah Giannantonio. Cate is a member of the Movement for People’s Party in New Jersey. She is involved mainly with social and environmental issues, being Co-Organizer of Extinction Rebellion New Jersey and State Hub Coordinator for New Jersey Movement for a People’s Party. Cate and Leah join Christian and Brian to discuss the Biden administration. So far, Biden has made quite a few executive orders and other motions such as rejoining the Paris Accord, bringing back DACA, discarding the Muslim Ban, lifting the ban on transgender people being in the military, and halting a few pipelines. 

These are all nice things, but we won’t rest until we see more. Cate says we need to see all pipelines banned. Minority communities including people of color and indigenous people are routinely having their lives disrupted by these pipelines and that’s to say nothing of their horrific environmental effects. Cate tells us that if we don’t see direct action on ending these pipelines now, we are essentially screwed as a species in America.

Democrats Gaslighting 

The Biden administration has entertained the idea of forgiving up to $50,000 in student loan debt. Christian asks Leah if she thinks this is enough. The short answer is no. Although Leah’s loans would personally be covered within this amount, she has friends from private schools who would still be burdened with thousands of dollars of debt after said relief. Additionally, what of those who have already spent huge portions of their lives repaying student debt? Leah does not think it fair.

Cate notes that she has heard that the relief may be reduced to up to ten thousand dollars. This is a typical political gaslighting tactic where promises are made and then only kept in part. Speaking of this gaslighting tactic, Brian draws up an informal stimulus check betting board. We’ve heard a lot of different numbers when it comes to speculation about a third stimulus check. Biden himself said $2000 before getting elected but has since reduced the number to $1400. At this point, Brian thinks we’re getting nothing. Winner of our E Board pool gets to pick a show topic.

A Third Party

Christian points out that this is one of the many reasons that it is important to have a third party. Neither Democrats nor Republicans are truly going to do anything significant to get us out of the hole that they themselves deliberately created for us. Cate promises that the MPP will be running a candidate in 2024. Brian is concerned that the problem runs deeper than party lines. We need to rethink what a political party is supposed to be. The goal for us revolutionaries is to have a different system of government. It is a problem that people can essentially buy their way into power as it stands. Brian shares that the government should ideally be full of people who are educated in and dedicated to running a society. 

Moving Forward

The Movement for People’s Party has a website and a localized New Jersey Facebook page. Cate says that the website makes it easy to get involved if you are interested. Since the time when Cate started organizing for them 6 months ago, the MPP Action Network has doubled in membership. 

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-Leah Giannantonio, for Revolution Radio

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