The #Idavox​ Report- Abe Lincoln: Closet Marxist?

Welcome Back to the Idavox Report!

Welcome to the Idavox Report! We took a week off, but we are back at you live on the Revolution Radio Network! Daryle is feeling significantly less under the weather this week; his allergies have cleared up. On the night that this podcast aired, Daryle is set to do a media appearance at 10:00PM EST on the FOX Soul Channel on Youtube. FOX Soul is a Black news show on the FOX Network featuring many types of programs, including entertainment and even some political content.

Solidarity with Palestine

Before we address tonight’s main topic, Daryle wants to address in short what is happening in the Middle East. Israel is committing atrocities against Palestine and its people including land theft and genocide. Genocide is absolutely reprehensible in any context. There is no excuse for the acts of war being committed against Palestine by Israel.

Although the people of Israel have no doubt experienced hardship, they are still in the wrong to attack Palestine. Meanwhile, the United States funds Israel with money we could have been using for expanded social programs that improve and save lives. Brian will be exploring this topic further in tomorrow’s episode of #NJRR Live. 

Turning the Tide

Meanwhile, in America, Republicans are afraid. They’re in survival mode. Their main voters are white people. If you look at Pew Research polls, you will find that white people tend to vote at proportionately less rates compared to minorities than they did twenty years ago. Conservatives see that the tide of the country is turning. In 2008, when we Inaugurated the first Black President into office, America’s growth as a tolerant nation became truly evident. When Republicans lost Georgia last year, they scrambled pathetically to reclaim the state.

Electoral Politics

If society truly is to be improved politically, one of the most significant hurdles that will need to be overcome involves electoral politics. We live in an intentionally designed bourgeois republic. You have to have money if you want to run for office in a practical manner. This is part of the reason we see a preponderance of celebrities in office. 

Being an elite gives one a predisposed advantage in electoral politics. American’s electoral system is intentionally designed to be exclusive. Brian comments that, if you’re looking to create true societal change, it is more effective and accessible in most cases to do things at the grassroots. A food donation almost guarantees that some family will get that food on their table. On the other hand, it is possible to squander years of one’s life and thousands if not millions of dollars in electoral politics.

[The #Idavox Report May 11, 2021 with Daryle Lamont Jenkins, Brian Powers, and Christian Perez]

Abraham Lincoln and Karl Marx

Tonight’s topic is one that Daryle predicts might blow a lot of minds: he believes Lincoln may have been a Marxist. Daryle wanted to have this discussion tonight partially because of the rumors that Democrats started the KKK. In truth, certain prominent Democrats have historically been at the other end of the political spectrum! 

A couple of years ago, Daryle found out that Abraham Lincoln and Karl Marx were in some sort of contact. Some say they exchanged letters, some say they were pen-pals, some say a single letter was written to Lincoln by Marx. Marx was interested in the plight of slaves in America. 

Lincoln and Labor

In Lincoln’s 1861 State of the Union Address, he stated, “Now there is no such relation between capital and labor as assumed, nor is there any such thing as a free man being fixed for life in the condition of a hired laborer. Both these assumptions are false, and all inferences from them are groundless.” Lincoln believed that labor is the superior of capital and should always be of higher consideration. 

It is Daryle’s opinion that Marx influenced or affected Lincoln in some way. By today’s definitions of Marxism, it may not be accurate to say that Lincoln was a Marxist. However, it can be said that for his day, Lincoln was a radical. Being born to a poor family, he understood the struggles of the common man better than most other presidents. His perspective was different from that of the elites of his day. Brian and Daryle agree that he was “the Bernie Sanders of his time.” 

The Birth Of American Imperialism

Although Abraham Lincoln is generally looked upon favorably, we cannot overlook that the United States developed significantly as an imperialist empire under his leadership. US imperialism was ramped up even more in future administrations, but not without foundations planted during Lincoln’s presidency. America was and is a gluttonous monster.

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-Leah Giannantonio, for the Revolution Radio Network

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