The #Idavox Report: The Future of New York City With Ash J.

“Now we have a literal freaking cop as mayor… I don’t even know how much worse it can get.”

The #Idavox Report Welcomes Ash J!

Looks like another worm for the Big Apple. This week, on the #Idavox Report, we’re going to be talking about New York City mayor-elect Eric Adams! Daryle Lamont Jenkins is breaking it all down with Brian Powers, Christian Perez and special guest Ash J.  

Ash J. is a multimedia journalist who specializes in topics relevant to this week’s discussion. For example, Ash writes professionally about police issues, whereas Eric Adams is a former police captain. Ash regularly covers such complex issues as state violence and oppression, radical political movements, and anti-fascism in his pieces for The Santiago Times, The Appeal, Truthout, and many other outlets. Ash and Daryle are well acquainted through their mutual work in antifascist movements, having been to several protests and activist events together.

[The #Idavox Report November 9, 2021 with Daryle Lamont Jenkins, Brian Powers, Christian Perez, and Ash J.]

New York City Mayor Elect Eric Adams

In the most recent election, blue states suffered a lot of losses across the country. However, in New York City, Democrat Eric Adams won. But for someone who identifies as a Democrat, is Adams even actually on the left at all? Adams served as police captain for years before his campaign. He masqueraded, then and now, as a man trying to improve the police system from the inside. Adams capitalized on the #DefundThePolice movement, embracing the narrative that people of color are violent and require police to control them.

The Real Eric Adams

The true identity of Eric Adams is an ex-cop opportunist who seeks out what he can do to advance himself at the moment. He is a landlord who leeches money from tenants. He takes money from big-name donors.  Yet he is consistently heralded as a hero in the media. Daryle points out that he is unsurprised that the New York Post is portraying Adams positively, adding the article to a 30-year-old pile of New York Post BS. Adams has also been endorsed by what Ash J calls the “most corrupt scumbags in New York City politics.”

Adams belongs to the Manhattan Institute, which is the organization that is pushing the anti-CRT movement and open windows policing. Eric Adams is a supporter of stop-and-frisk. He claims that he simply wants to reform the policy, not abolish it. Daryle predicts that someone will be murdered by a cop in New York City under Adams’ mayorship, and he will act like he had done everything he could to prevent it.

American Misjustice System

The panel’s conversation shifts to a discussion of the trial of Kyle Rittenhouse. Daryle doubts that this killer will be found guilty of significant charges. Daryle was in fact surprised when Derek Chauvin was found guilty earlier this year. Brian notes that Kyle Rittenhouse has no shot at a normal life whether he is found innocent or guilty. Christian asserts that things would be much different in this trial if the defendant wasn’t white. 


Renowned activist Daryle Lamont Jenkins hosts the #Idavox Report every Tuesday at 8PM EST along with Brian Powers and Christian Perez. 

What is the #Idavox Report?

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Who’s On The Show?


The radical right is dangerous and needs to be kept in check. That is where long-time Revolution Radio comrade Daryle Lamont Jenkins comes in. Daryle is an award-winning author and producer who has been in activism for over 30 years. Today, Daryle works tirelessly with his company, One People’s Project, and its newsline, Idavox, to identify and doxx members of dangerous right-wing groups. More often than not, these groups include white supremacists and Nazis. Knowledge is power and the knowledge that Daryle collects gives us the power to fight back. 


Founder and Senior Organizer Brian Powers started Revolution Radio in 2018 as a homemade podcast and has since developed the company into what it is today. He has been working in activism for over 20 years. Brian’s activism began in New Jersey but has since expanded nationally as he has moved to Maine. He got his start in the labor sector, and today his activism includes but is not limited to issues involving labor, immigration, incarceration, foreign policy, poverty, cannabis justice, mutual aid, police violence, and justice system reform.


Christian Perez, host of the Modernity and Absurdity podcast, is our network’s resident expert.  A professor of political science, Christian Perez brings a variety of academic credentials and expertise on subjects from conspiracy theories to politics. Christian and Brian are both regulars on the #Idavox Report.

The #Idavox Report frequently features special guests. These guests include veteran activists, political figures, talented artists, and more. Although we are based in the United States, Revolution Radio also covers events across the globe. We are committed to covering worldwide struggles against the establishment as a growing network in order to fight fascism as a whole. 

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-Leah Giannantonio, for the Revolution Radio Network

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