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The Right Has Created A Cottage Industry Of Lies

In this episode, Heather interview Daryle Lamont Jenkins of One People’s Project, and the movie Skin about his work opposing fascism and the recent fascist conference being held in Pitman NJ.

Heather Warburton 0:02
This is Wine, Women, and Revolution with your host Heather Warburton coming at you here on New Jersey Revolution Radio.

Hi and welcome to Wine, Women, and Revolution. I’m your host Heather Warburton coming at you here on New Jersey Revolution Radio. You can find us online at www.njrevolutionradio. com, get us wherever you get your podcasts from and follow us on all the social medias. We have today, somebody I’m interviewing somebody near and dear to my heart. He doesn’t really like it that much when I call him a superhero. But I have started calling him a superhero recently because he absolutely is a superhero. If you follow us at all on NJRR. You’ve seen him on a number of things. And he’s involved in all kinds of great actions throughout the country. Welcome to my show, Mr. Darrell Lamont Jenkins.

Daryle Lamont Jenkins 0:58
Shalom. How you be? Hotep.

Heather Warburton 1:01
I’m doing good. Thank you so much for being here today. It’s a pleasure working with you every time that I get the chance to I really appreciate it.

Daryle Lamont Jenkins 1:08
And that same to y’all. I mean, I like the fact that, you know, I’ve been doing a lot of this, we were pretty much a skeleton crew here. But there’s been a lot of momentum as of late. And the best thing about the momentum is that I’m getting, I’m starting to work with people more. And y’all were the first to really come on board with all of that. And I really do appreciate the fact that you are holding it down for OPP holding it down for antifascist out there. And I hope that this is a long, it’s funny too, because we only started working together in October.

Heather Warburton 1:17

Daryle Lamont Jenkins 1:41
And it’s like you’ve been here for 1000 years.

Heather Warburton 1:53
Yeah, we grow on you

Daryle Lamont Jenkins 1:55
We went from zero to 100 in 30 seconds basically. And really, I really do appreciate all the help that you and Brian have been contributing to us. And hopefully I can contribute to you as well. And, yeah,

Heather Warburton 2:13
you definitely do. We appreciate you so much, and all the work you’ve been doing. I’m gonna assume that my listeners know who you are, but just in the odd chance that this is somebody’s first contact with New Jersey Revolution Radio. And with Darryl Lamont Jenkins, let’s give a little bit of who you are and what your story is.

Daryle Lamont Jenkins 2:31
I’m a New Jersey native and born in Newark and raised in Somerset, New Jersey. My stomping grounds in New Brunswick, and pretty much has been for much of my life. Also, for much of my life, I have been chasing after Klan, neo nazis, or what have you. And in 2000, I started a group called One People Project, which basically monitors researches and reports on right wing groups and individuals. In particular, the racist right, this is my regular spiel in case anybody heard it before, in a attempt to encourage communities to be proactive against them to diminish their ability to function. And we’ve been pretty successful in that regard. And it was originally, This is something I don’t say much but I’m originally it was intended to show the kinds of connections the mainstream right have with the fringe right, with that really hardcore nasty right. And over the past 20 years, we’ve been pretty successful in that regard too. Over the past three years, we’ve been pretty pissed off how successful we’ve been.

Heather Warburton 3:47
Yeah, the connections are becoming more and more obvious every day, that there is fascism growing throughout the country, there was really little distinction these days.

Daryle Lamont Jenkins 3:57
And I’m kind of, I gotta be honest with you, there’s many times where I just get pissed off at our own, for not grabbing the bull by the horns when people were talking about this element, stepping up and trying to do some harm. But uh, but we’re here now, we’re here now, and we’re gonna have to do something about it. And we have to do something about it now. Because I’m concerned about the fact that when Trump does leave office, everybody’s going to think that the crisis is averted. And that’s gonna suck, because it hasn’t, we got a lot of young people out there, that latched on to this crap, and they’re still going to be there, they’re still going to try to do some crap. And we just got to be ready for it.

Heather Warburton 4:39
Right? I’ve seen people say, Oh, if Hillary had won, I’d be at brunch now, you know.

Daryle Lamont Jenkins 4:45
I’ve always hated that

Heather Warburton 4:45
And that’s the same thing that eventually when Trump leaves, you’re afraid these people are just going to go back to sleep and like, Oh, well, we’ve got a Democrat in office. Now everything must be hunky dory, when really the fascist have been here since the start of the country, it is what the country is founded on.

Daryle Lamont Jenkins 5:03
And by the way, I’m 350 pounds. And I’m antifa. I have never avoided brunch. So there is no excuse for you to avoid anti fascism. Don’t use brunch as an excuse for you not doing anything. I don’t!

Heather Warburton 5:24
You can have brunch and fight fascists.

Daryle Lamont Jenkins 5:28
I should have a vegan brunch. But that’s another story.

Heather Warburton 5:33
So I wanted to touch into a little bit about really the importance of what you’re doing with independent media, and that these right wing Nazi news sources lie. They lie constantly. And when the mainstream media picks up on those lies, they’re doing a disservice to everyone really, because they’re trying to play this both sides angle. So you’re reporting on Idavox, which is your media outlet is really important. Because you may be one of the only places people are getting truth and real facts from.

Daryle Lamont Jenkins 6:12
But I want to be fair, I want to be fair, We’re kind of like the granddaddy of it all. We’ve been doing this since 2000 at One People’s Project. And we’ve been putting a lot of stuff out there over the past 20 years. Idavox came along with 2015. But I gotta give props to NJ Revolution Radio for doing your thing. Unicorn Riot really been killing it, It’s Going Down has been killing it. Even Rose City Antifa out of Portland has really been on literally on the front lines. And that seems to be where all these knuckleheads want to go to cause all kinds of damage. So I want to give props to them. The battle has been joined in a big way. It used to be a time when we were the only game in town, but not anymore. To the point that we can actually just step back and just tell everybody exactly what’s going on.

But we’re out there we’re doing the work. And I will say that it’s important for all of us, and all of us and all of our media outlets to be out there talking about this, because either the mainstream isn’t talking about it or not talking about it properly. They get all their talking points from right wing groups, from their media from their right wing media. So antifa has to field questions like are you really going to blow up, “Why are you going to blow up a theater” or some crap like that? Because some propagandists on the other side said so and, and and it’s garbage and it’s corny. It is something that we have been dealing with, regardless of if you’re anti fascist too, in the sense of being out there as an activist for anti fascism.

When you talk about even when, John Kerry ran for president back in 2004. What was the biggest thing that they said dropped him? Swiftboating, right. So basically, they lied about his military record, they knew it wasn’t true. The media knew it wasn’t true. But they rolled with it anyway, they built up that they allowed that narrative to grow. And it did cost them. It cost them that election or at least it contributed to the election. I would submit that there was other things that contribute to him losing as well. But it still speaks to what these characters on the right do. Basically, it’s a cottage industry of lies. That’s what conservatism is today. And it doesn’t seem to matter to our mainstream press. So we got to go out there and get all the information and put all the facts out there. Because it doesn’t seem like no one else wants to, especially when it comes to folks that are taking them on, folks that are fighting. I mean, we are the true source of true information, we are a real source of true information. And this society cannot afford losing us.

Heather Warburton 9:16
Right. It’s a very valuable service you’re providing. And I did want to get into some of the recent examples of when the media is playing this both sides ism. Oh, there’s good and bad people on both sides. You know, no, there’s no good Nazis. For one thing, that’s just there’s no such thing as a good white supremacist. That doesn’t exist. And we shouldn’t be extending the same courtesy to them of belief that we do to normal people that are against fascism. But like, let’s talk a little bit about the milkshake incident that you brought up that, you know, they’re like, oh, someone put cement in a milkshake, which by the way, sugar makes cement not set. Fun fact. So even if you put cement into the milk shake, it never set up. That’s actually a kind of well known self sabotage technique that people have done throughout history. But the media latches onto that and starts reporting on that as if something actually happened. And that’s really dangerous.

Daryle Lamont Jenkins 10:14
Yeah, I mean, we could go on forever about how foul that milkshake story was the one where Andy Ngo was apparently gotten beaten up by antifa and they had milkshakes filled with concrete in them and, and he got a concussion or rather a brain hemorrhage. And all that it’s like, Andy Ngo is a perfect example of the phoniness of it at all. And, since they’re going to be putting them out there, we’re going to make an example of them, we’re going to show them and watch if they get any, get a hold of this, some of this tape of this recording. Me saying they’re going to make an example of them is going to turn into, “we’re going to kill him”

Heather Warburton 10:58
Right. I can only imagine

Daryle Lamont Jenkins 11:00
I can guarantee it

Heather Warburton 11:02
I can only imagine how this is going to get cut up by that side

Daryle Lamont Jenkins 11:06
Yeah, but here’s the point about that. The fact that they have to lie, says that they are on a shaky ground to begin with. And they always have to lie. I mean, their whole thing is about conspiracy theories, whether you’re Alex Jones, Q-anon, so they’re making up their own stories, and we’re supposed to buy into them, even though we know otherwise. So we have the milkshake. So we just don’t have Andy Ngo and his milkshake story.

We also have stories about every time we criticize them, every time we say we’re going to protest them, they will immediately call it a riot. And it doesn’t even matter, you can be the biggest hippie on the planet, they will call it violent, because that’s they know that’s the narrative that works, then find one or two people that either say something stupid, or do something stupid, and they’ll make that person the representative of a group. Now, do things happen? Yeah, they do. Are we planning on them to happen? No. More to the point? Do they plan violence? Yes, they do. But they never say anything about that. They never talked about the violence that comes from this side. And their side kills people.

Heather Warburton 12:23
Right? They have a track record. Antifa has never killed anyone.

Daryle Lamont Jenkins 12:27
Right! And God forbid, if something happens, God forbid, if something happens, that one incident will taint the entire thing. Or at least they’ll think they it will taint the entire thing. But the reason reason why we’re out there is a reason why we need more people out there and reason why you see me all the time as a spokesperson for Antifa is because a lot of antifascists really don’t like to be in the media. They don’t like being on public display. I mean, the attitude is just basically Antifa best heard not seen, you know. And, the thing is, that’s detrimental. Because when you talk about anti fascist, when you talk about antifa in general, we are really the only ones that don’t go out there to talk to the public, that don’t go out there and talk to media outlets. Occupy Wall Street did. Black Lives Matter did. The anti war movement did.

Antifa are staying away from every camera that they can find, and that is why they are able to start making demands that we should be labeled a terrorist organization, bad enough that they can do that the Black Lives Matter, but that died, the moment that they latched on to Antifa because there’s not a lot of people who are going to be speaking out in defense of us. And that’s got to change there has to be more people stepping up. It can’t just be us putting the story out and correcting the story all the time. It has to be us showing people who Antifa is and you will be surprised. Or maybe you won’t. Because Antifa is us. Whether or not you’re out there in the streets. Or doing a podcast, or just watching TV after a hard day’s work, and looking at some Nazis doing whatever and saying that’s wrong.

Heather Warburton 14:18
Right? If you’re against fascism, which I would assume most people probably should be, then you are antifa. You may not even know it yet. But if you think fascism is bad, then you’re against fascism. Not really complicated.

Daryle Lamont Jenkins 14:34
No, it’s not. No, it’s not. But when you are dealing with the people who Antifa targets, they’ll make it complicated. Just so you don’t go after them hard enough. Harder than we do.

Heather Warburton 14:48
Alright, so that does bring me to what we’ve been covering and being actively involved in here down in South Jersey is what I was kind of referring to was NaziPalooza in Pitman. Pitman, New Jersey

Daryle Lamont Jenkins 15:02

Heather Warburton 15:05
Yeah, and it was the Minds Conference was what it was called. And they were bringing in some speakers that are some of the worst of the worst types of people. Do you want to give an example of a couple of who these speakers that they were featuring were.

Daryle Lamont Jenkins 15:19
Oh, I’d be more than to than happy to do that. I mean, let us start with the fact is I guess some libertarian outlet that individuals will go to. Individuals have been kicked off a Twitter for being a little bit too fascist for Twitter. A lot of them have bounced over there to do whatever they want to do. There’s a number of outlets like that. And I think that, um, I call them a libertarian outlet. But I think I better be a little careful with that, because I’m not even sure. Um, but the fact of the matter is, that’s when you see all those fascists that have basically been exiled from social media. So they’re hosting a conference that they call “Ending racism, violence and authoritarianism”. One of the things about when you’re dealing with and reason why I call them libertarians, because libertarians have this thing about being coy when it comes to this particular element. Not all libertarians are about the fascism or anything like that. But they still allow themselves to be Trojan horses for fascism. And that’s an example of what we’re dealing with today.

So you have you have Minds sponsoring this event that’s supposed to be taking place in Pitman, New Jersey its down in South Jersey. But the one of the bigger organizers, who’s a co sponsor, along with Minds, is a guy named Tim Pool. Now Tim pool is famous. And basically his claim to fame has been he was he was on the ground while Ferguson blow up, he was able to get a little bit of notoriety because of that. And, we loved him for it. We thought it was great getting all this information. But he’s parlayed that into being a right wing shill all of a sudden. And he’s also involved with Occupy as well. But as time went along, he decided to become a right wing shill and start attacking all the people that he used to work with, in particular, these days, he likes to go after anti fascists. And he will go after on the narrative that everybody in Antifa is violent and nobody on the right is as violent as Antifa. They’re just defending themselves if they are violent, yada, yada, yada. But the problem, but that when it comes to Tim Pool, is the fact that he likes to lie, or likes to defer the truth, shall I say? Or spin things into being something that it’s not?

And that’s what’s happening in Pitman. Now, you asked earlier, let’s get back to this. You asked earlier who are the other people that are involved? Now, folks may be familiar with a guy online. There’s a lot of bloggers, there’s a lot of writers and a lot of videographers and stuff vloggers I should say. One in particular was a guy who calls himself Sargon of Akkad, his real name is Carl Benjamin. He’s out of the UK. And he was part of this thing called Gamer-Gate. Gamer-Gate was a right wing campaign back about 2014, geared towards harassing women who were in the video game industry. He also basically said that Jewish people had to drop the identity politics because he sorry about the holocaust, but I don’t give a shit. I’m sorry. And that was a direct quote from him. And he has, he’s defended the idea that kids should be able to consent to sex with adults. That’s one person that’s coming.

Heather Warburton 19:15
Yeah, that’s just one example of the speakers they have here.

Daryle Lamont Jenkins 19:20
Just one example you need. If it was that one person, we would still be out there. Seriously, if it was that one person. I mean, even Tim Poole probably would get us out there too. But that dude right there, that dude alone will be enough. But now we have Count Dankula coming too, also from the UK. And he basically got in trouble with the UK for teaching his dog, doing a video where he taught his dog to give a Nazi salute that violated something called the Communications Act out there. So he got a lot of support from the right wing and now he’s a hardcore right wing and now he’s into people like Alex Jones anti Muslim folks like Tommy Robinson, aka Stephen Yaxley Lennon. And and he’s involved with the UK Independence Party, who was responsible for Brexit. There’s another woman named June Lapine she calls herself Shoe On Head, who has already blocked me on Twitter. Who has accused Black Lives Matter of wanting to start a race war? No, we weren’t. And said comedian Leslie Jones, quote looks like a gorilla. Unquote. I don’t know why these characters keep going after Leslie Jones, but but they do and this is bad. So we go from June to Aydin Paladin was a YouTuber who said that there were no death camps outside Poland during World War Two. And there were! She suggested that the concentration camps outside Poland we’re just simply labor camps. And the reason why people died there was because the Nazis didn’t have enough money to feed them. So they let them starve. I mean, they would have saved their lives if they could. But hey, what can you do?

Heather Warburton 21:17
They are a Holocaust denier?

Daryle Lamont Jenkins 21:19
Right, right. Basically, it’s a Holocaust denial. A matter of fact, she tried to say that 6 million Jews were killed in the Holocaust. That was a insane figure to this person. You have Andy Ngo. We will be here forever with Andy Ngo, but basically what we say on the website about him is that he’s the so called Alt-right, adjacent Willett contributor. Willet, is a website who has promoted race science and fake conspiracies that got journalists put on a neo nazi hitlists. And he was once milkshaked during a rally in Portland, Oregon. And he was able to take that and turn it into a bit of a cottage industry for him just within the past couple of months. It just became a career boom that he got milkshaked. Because he started saying that he had a concussion,I’m sorry, hemorrhage. That there was concrete in the milkshakes and so on. There’s also MEGAN MURPHY. If you’re familiar with the term TERF, she is the illustration of that term.

Another person that also has an issue with transgender people is a guy named Hunter Avalon. He’s going to be there. Karen Straughan, is a female men’s rights activists who promoted straight up sexist and pro rapists like Roche, you have, and you have a woman, a right winger named Laurin Chen. She denies that people of color are oppressed, while at the same time saying that she herself was a victim of racism, because she’s half Asian. And her parents had to deal with racism because they were an inter-racial couple. Now, these are just the people that we put on the website. These are just the people that we put on the website.

Heather Warburton 23:06
Right there’s a whole cast of characters here.

Daryle Lamont Jenkins 23:10
Maybe I will add some more to to the list once I get off this call, because I think that it gives you an idea of how bad this conference is. Now there are trying to play like it is even handed because they have a few liberals that are going to be speaking at this thing. But the fact that they are platforming the likes of the people that I just mentioned, poisons the whole damn thing. So shame on those leftists and liberals who are going to be a part of this. Shame on them. They should not be a part of this, you do not platform this crap. And allow them to make themselves look like victims because they’re not. If you are truly a leftist, if you are truly liberal, then you full well know that there are using you to justify their agenda. And you’re saying fine. So shame on you liberals that are being a part of this.

Heather Warburton 24:10
Absolutely 100%.

Daryle Lamont Jenkins 24:14
So that’s basically who was there. That’s basically what’s going to be there. And that, like I said, there’s a lot more that we could write about when it comes to these characters.

Heather Warburton 24:25
So you put out this call, and immediately the community started organizing of, we don’t want these knuckleheads to use your term in our community and calling the theater and saying, This is not the kind of people we want brought into our community. And the theater actually said, Okay, we’re not hosting this event. But somebody made a joke about Inglorious Bastards somewhere on Twitter. And immediately the lying Nazis latched on to that and were like, Oh, you’re making a threat against the theater. And I’m seeing local media reporting on Oh, where there were threats against the theater when there was never once a threat against the theater, then again, this is it’s a more interesting story. So the local media is kind of latching on to it, when it’s totally disconnected from the truth. And they’re extending this belief to Nazis again,

Daryle Lamont Jenkins 25:20
Well, this happened to us before. Back in 2010, we shut down the American Renaissance Conference in DC, um, we let hotels know that this conference is going to be held in their conference halls. And they just basically said, Nope, we’re not going to allow this to happen. We’re canceling this contract. And, and so on. Jared Taylor, the publisher of American Renaissance then decides to go on the press junket talking about how they were death threats to made against the hotel. And this was for hotels, apparently, that that saw death threats and such. Now, the thing is, I was one of the guys who was leading that charge back in 2010. I got no calls from the feds, or from any law enforcement. There was I don’t know if there to this day, I don’t know if there was even a police report filed by the hotel. Jared Taylor didn’t file any charges, didn’t file a lawsuit. The only lawsuit that I saw was some clown named David, he was supposed to speak at this thing. And it was just a token thing, because he filed that in Oklahoma, where he’s from, and not in Virginia, or in Pennsylvania, where I’m from, and basically, he won on a default judgment because my attorney said I don’t have to care about the thing. 10 years later, I still don’t.

So we knew that it was a showboating routine on their part. And that’s what happened then. Cut to today and they’re pulling the same crap. They get called out, we’re going to go out there exercising the freedom of speech that they say they defend. And they start talking about how we’re going to burn the theater down we’re about violence and such. But here’s where it gets interesting. Because right now, you can go on Tim Pool’s Twitter account. And you can see him flipping out over the fact that this conferences is being called out. And Tim has a lot of supporters and, and the like, who are talking about people needing to be shot, people will be shot because we’re pushing the envelope. I Wish I was there. I bring my CCW which don’t work in Jersey.

Heather Warburton 27:59
Can you explain CCW in case anyone doesn’t know,

Daryle Lamont Jenkins 28:03
Concealed carry weapons permit. And I have one in Philly. I can’t use one now. But that’s beside the point. I’m in Jersey. Now. That’s the way it goes. The fact of the matter is, we never ever said and by the way, not only we haven’t said anything about violence, we didn’t say we was going to go out there and and wreck havoc or anything like that. My attitude in that regard is show us the police report. If that actually happened, if there was such threats. Show us the police report. I don’t think there is a police report saying that we are engaging in violence, or that we have any plans of engaging violence. But Tim Pool spit that out. The other organizers spit that out. It shows up on Breitbart as an article, we have reporters asking us about it. Then you start seeing Tim Pool’s Twitter feed, and everybody’s talking about bringing guns and talking about Antifa needs to be shot. And nothing from Tim Pool. Nothing from the organizers. Nothing saying that we are not about this. Interestingly enough, no reporters asking us about it either. Or asking them about that. And like I said before, if they have to lie about our intentions, that might mean that there is something a little bit more nefarious than they let on going forward into this conference. Maybe this conference shouldn’t happen, if they have to resort to lying about us to keep it from happening basically proves our point about how bad they are. But the fact that they themselves, the organizers anything about their supporters threatening to bring guns and such says a lot about how bad this conferences as well.

Heather Warburton 29:59
Right, they’re the ones that are making these threats of violence. And apparently that’s perfectly fine.

Daryle Lamont Jenkins 30:06
No, it’s not. It is not perfectly fine. We need to call it out. We need to let all of our people know that this is what they want. They want violence, we never called for it. They said we did. We didn’t. They’re calling for violence. And they’re not saying a thing. That should inform the rest of us. That should inform what kind of people are coming to Pitman. And who should not be in Pitman.

Heather Warburton 30:34

Daryle Lamont Jenkins 30:36
So that’s just the real about that.

Heather Warburton 30:39
And as of right now, where it stands as of today, when we’re recording this, I should have this episode up by Monday, but this is Wednesday that we’re recording it. It seems like it’s not going to happen at the theater, but the organizers are still saying they intend to have it happen somewhere in Pitman. Now, I mean, some other people are saying there’s no other venue in Pitman that it could accommodate as large of a crowd as they say they’re going to have, which who knows if they’re lying about that. But so that’s where we stand as of right now. But if they show up in Pitman there will still be some sort of action of a protest, if they do wherever they move this conference to correct?

Daryle Lamont Jenkins 31:18
Correct, correct. I mean, Basically we don’t know where it’s going to be yet. If in fact, they have it and my concern, the biggest concern that I have is the fact that neither doing the venues that they might go to. So we are warning venues to be mindful of anything that is being booked within the next couple of days. for August 31. You could be hosting this event unknowingly. And because they do that, too, I mean, it’s important that all the venue’s realize just how much they are going to put people on the on the hook they come into come into town with their BS

Heather Warburton 32:05

Daryle Lamont Jenkins 32:05
So we are letting venues know scrutinize anything that’s coming up on the 31st that got booked within the past couple of days, because it might be this thing, and you might not want it there.

Heather Warburton 32:16
And if anyone happens to have information about where this venue is going to be, you know, you can feel free to reach out to us at NJRR. If you actually know that, like okay, this is where this venue is being moved to, you know, we’d love to know so we can let that venue know what exactly it is that they’re hosting.

Daryle Lamont Jenkins 32:36
Exactly, exactly. Look, let’s face it, everywhere fascist go they’re going to cause problems. They have no business trying to network in a society that’s supposed to be a free one. They should not get any quarter whatsoever. Yeah, they have their freedom of speech. Sure. So if they use it, Do not let them try to shut us up when we respond to it. That’s what they’re trying to do, what all these narratives about how we’re about to engage in violence, they do that all the time. But most importantly, go beyond the conference. Go beyond the event. We got to handle these characters regardless of whether or not they’re having an event. On the off time. You gotta start saying make their lives hell even when they’re home. You know, whenever at work, when they’re at school.Whatever it is they do in life besides this, you got diminish their ability to function everywhere they go because they are not contributing to society. They’re contributing to the end of it. Whatever it is, they do so, don’t let them sleep. Don’t let them sleep.

Heather Warburton 33:59
And I know you don’t, you are out there every day fighting against hate in this country. If people want to get involved and support you and help with One People’s Project or with Idavox, what can they do? How can they reach out?

Daryle Lamont Jenkins 34:14
Well, they can reach out courtesy of you can first go to our website, One People’s Project. com. Um, you can also go to , which is our news line. We’re 501c3 so we can definitely use donations we greatly appreciate it if you can help with that. There is information on the website about how to do that. You can you can do a snail mail we have a snail mail address online. You can also Venmo me and remember, we’re tax deductible, but if you Venmo me, it’s still gonna be tax deductible. Just write one people’s project in the comments. And I’m D. Lamont Jenkins on Venmo. I’m also D. Lamont Jenkins on Twitter and Instagram. So if anybody wants to follow me in either of those places that’s great.

Heather Warburton 35:06
And also you’re having a fundraiser, right?

Daryle Lamont Jenkins 35:10
Say again?

Heather Warburton 35:11
You’re also going to be having a fundraiser in Philly as well.

Daryle Lamont Jenkins 35:15
Yes, we’re going to have a fundraiser on September 21 at the tattoo moms

Heather Warburton 35:20
I think its Wooden Shoe

Daryle Lamont Jenkins 35:22
I’m sorry, my bad, my bad at Wooden Show. I was sorry. I’ve got all my dates mixed up. But yeah, it Wooden Shoe it’s on South Street. Um, we hope to see you there September 21. We’re gonna rock it out. We’re going to be looking at one of the productions, incidentally, that I had been getting myself involved in. It is called Skin and I believe it’s the short film we’re going to be showing the short film, correct.

Heather Warburton 35:46
I believe that’s what we’re doing.

Daryle Lamont Jenkins 35:48
Yeah, short film skin which won an Oscar earlier this year. I’m one of the producers of it. There’s a feature film also called Skin that you can see in the theaters right now. And on demand. If you have cable or anything like that you can find it on demand everywhere. It’s about a neo nazi that I help reform. His name is Brian Widener. He’s been played by Jamie Bell, who you might know as Billy Elliot and other productions he does on the TV show Turn. And Mike Coulter aka Luke Cage plays me… Superhero.

Heather Warburton 36:25
See I told you that you are a Superhero

Daryle Lamont Jenkins 36:26
It also stars Vera Farmiga, Danielle McDonald. Bill Camp. Daniel Henshall is in it. He was also in Turn, and it’s a great cast, directed by Guy Nattiv from Israel. This is his first American production. And it’s a great movie. It’s going to take you back. I’m gonna tell you this right now. It will take you back.

Heather Warburton 36:53
Yeah, it’s it’s a powerful piece of work. And also, Alt-Right Age of Rage is also another movie that you’re featured in.

Daryle Lamont Jenkins 37:02
Yes, yes. Alt-Right Age Of Rage is a documentary that’s currently on Netflix. And it’s basically about me versus Richard Spencer. I mean, that’s the backdrop of it. But um, it really is about the anti fascist scene vs. the Nazis scene, really, in this day and age. So yes, there’s a lot of footage from Charlottesville and everything that was leading up to it. So you’re going to see some interesting stuff. It’s a real, real real good documentary. Real good documentary. It gives you an idea of why we do what we do and how, so if you get a chance to check out Alt-Right Age Of Rage, it was directed by Adam Bhala Lough. And he is responsible for a number of documentaries, including one about Lil Wayne, that I saw, and I love that documentary, and the New Radicals so just check it. Check it out. Let me know what you think.

Heather Warburton 38:10
All right, thank you so much for being here. And thank you so much for everything you do, Daryle. It’s always a pleasure you.

Daryle Lamont Jenkins 38:17
Thank you. And we’ll be working again in the future.

Heather Warburton
Yes, we will. To my listeners, thank you so much for joining us here today. We appreciate you so much for being a part of our family here at NJRR. We take no corporate money so we can only be responsible to you guys to our family. That’s why we have to keep asking you for donations. You know, even if you can only give us a couple of dollars a month that helps keep us on a budget and know what we can spend so that we’re not having to do all this stuff out of pocket. Go on to our website, and click on that Donate button. We appreciate you so much. The future is yours to create. Go out there and create it

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