#NJRR Live: Vaccines Are Being Tried in the US. What Do The Tests Mean?

#NJRR Live: Vaccines Are Being Tried in the US. What Do The Tests Mean?

#NJRR Live Welcomes Co-Host Daryle Lamont-Jenkins

Welcome to another new episode of #NJRR Live, coming at you on Wednesdays at 8:00 PM EST live! We a bring you the latest in art and activism. For the next month, we are honored to welcome our new co-host, the founder of One People’s Project Daryle Lamont-Jenkins. In addition to his anti racist grassroots organizing he is an award-winning producer, writer, and activist.

Daryle shares that one of the most important things he does is share information and bring people together. He is a national activist with projects and comrades in New Jersey, Philadelphia, and all over the country. The activist scene in New Jersey could use some people who have worked in grassroots operations across the country. It’s typical for states to have their own cultures, but the political establishment has become stale. 

It’s up to us to become proactive and make sure that we gain some degree of control over our government. That’s going to take bold action, the likes of which we’ve never seen before, and that’s what we’ve been seeing in the streets since police brutally stole the life of George Floyd in late May.

Doxxing Nazis

Before we approach this topic, we must acknowledge that doxxing is serious. Brian has been doxxed before and he knows of activists who have had their children targeted by Nazi doxxers. The hard truth is that when you’re an activist, you put yourself out there for better or worse. The same thing goes for speaking hateful rhetoric such as supporting genocide. With all of that being said, now we will doxx a Nazi. His name is Paul Miller and he goes by gpsycrusader_. on Instagram. He’s upset because protesters walked by his house and said Black Lives Matter. He made a video where he claimed that we do not have a right to protest, even peacefully. 

Over the past free weeks, this dangerous man has been flying his Nazi flag. He’s a big fan of the police who supports a fascist group by spreading their ideas online and vocally supporting Hitler. Alarmingly, this man lives right here in New Jersey, in New Brunswick. The Boogaloo movement, of which he is a prominent member, has called for a violent revolution against the United States government.

Dr. La’Tesha Sampson Talks Protests and Clark

Dr. La’Tesha Sampson runs Great Joy Counseling & Consulting Services right out of Westfield, New Jersey joins us tonight to discuss protests in Clark. People told her that there was no point to protesting in Clark because it has been a racist city for a long time and that wouldn’t change. However, when she got word that the Union County prosecutor’s office put several high ranking Clark officials on administrative leave, she felt it was a victory. 

Clark even went viral.The videos on NJRR got a lot of traffic! All of the protests put a spotlight on the town. The town of Clark will have a difficult time sitting still with so many eyes on it. This is all due to the efforts put into organizing and advocacy. Dr. LaTesha hopes that people will continue to speak up because the time to do so is now.

Dr Sampson was inspired after the protest, over 65 people reached out to her.. She has a self described “can’t stop, won’t stop” attitude. She fears that people will become complacent now that some progress has been made. “We cannot return to business as usual.” Daryl wonders what will happen once it starts becoming colder outside, noting that people need to continue to adapt to challenges in order to be dedicated to the cause.

Where Do We Go From Here?

Daryl asks Dr. Sampson: How do we make sure that we can keep going? We have to be comfortable spreading our message even when some people will argue it. We also have to be able to pass the baton, to allow other voices to be heard. Dr. Sampson shares that there was a point where she found herself at eight protests within two weeks and she was exhausted. It can be easy to burn out if you go it alone and without pacing yourself. We are stronger together. Dr. Sampson points out that social media can be a great outlet for spreading messages. We can’t forget the power of sharing stories: posting, tagging, commenting, and reposting. It truly helps the movement; we mustn’t give up. 

#NJRR Live Welcomes Laurie Endicott Thomas

NJRR Live welcomes tonight’s special guest, author Laurie Endicott Thomas, who wrote Don’t Feed the Narcissist as well as No More Measles, which is up for sale on Commiezon! She wrote the book for love, not money, which means that she is allowing us to sell it as an Ebook and keep the proceeds. Brian asks Laurie about how vaccines get researched and approved. What’s the process? 

Laurie notes that a lot of people think that companies can put anything into a bottle and sell it as a vaccine. Perhaps this was the case long ago, but today, the FDA has a section called the Center for Biologics Evaluation and Research. A vaccine is a biologic product, meaning that it either consists of cells or comes from cells. When creating a biologic vaccine, companies have to do pre-clinical studies on animals before testing on people. 

Vaccine Studies: Complicated

Once the vaccine passes non human studies, phase one of the vaccine study on humans begins. There are two main questions that scientists are looking to answer through these studies. Did anything bad happen to the subjects? Did anything useful happen, for example, have the subjects developed neutralizing antibodies? 

In order to advance from to the next phase, the data from the previous phase must be analyzed and submitted to the FDA. The FDA then grants permission for the next phase to begin. Phase two is when the potential vaccine is given to a wider group of people. The purpose of this phase is usually to determine an appropriate dosage. 

Phase 3 is the big one: the potential vaccine is given to an even wider group of people and its efficacy is measured. Efficacy refers to how successful the vaccine is in preventing the virus if used correctly. Placebos are key in obtaining this data. If it’s safe and effective, whoever put out the vaccine can get licensing authority for it. But even that isn’t enough! Then, whoever is putting out the vaccine has to submit data to the CDC in order to convince them that the vaccine is useful and effective. 

Disease Control

Pathologists have protocols for urging community response for different types of diseases. For example, if a disease is sexually transmitted, people will be urged to use condoms. If it’s spread by mosquitoes, we try to control the mosquitoes by using bug spray and/or nets. If it’s spread from person to person by casual contact, there is no effective solution besides a vaccine. 

There is some concern from people who are saying that since the vaccine being developed as a response to the Coronavirus is new, we cannot know the effects it could have down the road. However, Laurie points out that people are literally dying right now from this virus out there and we need to act as soon as possible. 

If people had listened in March when scientists urged them to stay home and use face masks when necessary, we would be in much less of a mess right now. In New Zealand, where social distancing guidelines were followed, sports centers have already been able to open in a relatively safe manner with social distancing guidelines.

Get Vaccinated

Laurie shares with us with us some parting wisdom: “please, for the love of God, get your kids vaccinated,” she asks, “especially for MMR.” She describes an interesting phenomenon regarding the coronavirus in which children have very low rates of infection, and there is a turning point in seriousness of the disease that comes at about age 50. This is not confirmed, but it has been suggested that this may be because modern children are generally well-vaccinated. Additionally, people began getting the MMR vaccine about 50 years ago. There is a similarity between the COVID-19 and rubella viruses. 

There are a lot of people who think that they know better than the world’s scientists. Laurie shares a word for them: narcissists. There have been measles outbreaks because people have been refusing to get their children vaccinated against the virus. Don’t be the reason for an outbreak.

Thank You, Everyone!

From us here at New Jersey Revolution, thank you so much for listening, watching, and reading! We are here to bring you the latest on interesting and important topics at the intersection of art and activism. To help us continue to bring you this content, we have to ask for donations, since we do not take corporate sponsorship. Also, check out our other productions on NJRR! We look forward to seeing you all next week. 

-Leah Giannantonio, for New Jersey Revolution Radio

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