Voices of AC With Henry Green

This episode of Wine, Women, and Revolution is the very first episode of Voices of Atlantic City with Henry Green. Heather was delighted to be his first guest on his new endeavor. Being interviewed is much different from being the interviewer. You can hear Henry’s turn being interviewed here .

Voices Of Atlantic City

The goal of voices of Atlantic City is to make more information available to residents of Atlantic City. The city lacks a media outlet that expresses information they need to hear in a timely fashion. The city needs fresh voices and new perspectives and that is what Henry plans to deliver on Voices of Atlantic City.

Some History

Henry met Heather through their work in the Green Party. After Henry’s run for mayor Heather encouraged Henry to do more with his radio show and podcasting. The goals of New Jersey Revolution Radio and Voices of Atlantic City are very much aligned in trying to bring representation for the voices of the communities that have been left behind. Heather says her goal is to make everyone an activist. She says she can’t have a revolution by herself, that will just get her arrested. Its all about the community.

Anti-white accusations

Henry talks about how people often accuse him of being anti-white, simply because he is pro-black. Henry is 100% pro-black, he has to be. After slavery and reconstruction, society was crafted in such a way as to be anti-black.  Even if the racism is less open not than it was, systems are still crafted to be racist and are still in place. Heather points out everyone should be anti-white supremacy. She gets why people of color are skeptical of white people. Looking at history it makes perfect sense. Most of the atrocities are committed by people with Heather’s complexion. There is no need to get defensive about it.

Henry’s Frustration

Henry expresses his frustration with how distracted people are. Reality TV pacifies people and they don’t get out and fight for real issues. He brings up an example of a basketball coach that lost his job and people fixated on that, but how hardly anyone showed up to support Randi in her fight against white supremacy in Ventor (details here).  Henry is concerned about the success rate of Atlantic City’s school system, but he can’t find others who want to talk about it. Or at least, no one is getting the spotlight to talk about it.  Heather suggest people become complacent when they don’t think things can get better.

Outsiders are exploiting Atlantic City’s resources, but it could change. Resources can be used for the good of the community, people just have to organize it and demand it. Things can always change.  If no one is sharing or amplifying the voices of change, then people might not even understand change is an option. No one is sharing knowledge or working together.

Charter Schools

Henry and Heather come down on different sides of the charter school issue, but both want to see things change. Henry speaks about some residents that want to make an all-male charter school in Atlantic City.  Henry speaks about how changes like that are needed. Heather disagrees in that she never wants to see someone draw a profit off public education because all that does is skim money away from the kids.  Henry counters that the school board shuts them down when they talk about things like the need to have a middle school. Heather mentions community school models and how things could be changed but still kept under the public umbrella and still serve all the kids.

Mental Colonization

Henry moves on to discussing a strange phenomenon he sees in his community, that he gets more respect if he has a couple of white people following him around. This internalized white supremacy disempowers power to ever try to stand up for their own rights. They think in terms of what white people will give them, all the time not noticing that white people took their resources to begin with and now are handing tiny slivers of them back. As is common for Heather she compares that to the capitalist mentality and workers have all their labor value taken from them and a tiny sliver returned as salary.


Henry jokes about how uncomfortable Heather made Kevin Hall when she brought up socialism on his show. Heather gives a brief intro to how socialism can be a much more equitable distribution of resources. In this country the 1% own 50% of the resources. The power and resources should lie with the people. Henry makes a hilarious observation that people don’t trust their neighbor but are perfectly happy handing their power over to some idiot in Trenton. Henry brings up how we need a socialized medical system in their country, either single payer or a national health system. This is an industry that has been so tarnished by capitalism, people are dying because of greed.


Henry moves the conversation along to legalized weed.  Heather and Henry recorded this right after Heather did an interview with some comrades from UFCW (listen here) so Heather recounts some of what she learned from that interview. Which leads into a conversation about unions, and Matte joined Heather and Henry on social media to make some future plans about organizing towns halls.

Atlantic County Democrats

Henry has some passionate words about why you should not get involved in Atlantic County Democrats. He feels it is not a safe place currently, especially for people of color. Crime and greed are the order of the days. This interview was recorded right after the FBI raided the home of the mayor or Atlantic City. Details we vague about what the situation was. Henry feels it always comes down to someone fighting each other over money. Its never about the good of the community. Henry feels like the mayor was being used and now those who were using him are done with him.

And dont forget Heather is raising money for One People’s Project to celebrate her birthday. Donations can be made here https://www.facebook.com/donate/1965846677056666/2202022873384971/

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