Wine, Women, and Revolution Halloween Special with Nigel Bach

Wine, Women, and Revolution Halloween Special with Nigel Bach
Wine Women and Revolution

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In this special Halloween episode of Wine, Women, and Revolution, Heather is joined by director and producer Nigel Bach. He is the producer of the Bad Ben and Steelmanville Road horror series. There isn’t a lot of revolution in this episode, what there is a lot of is New Jersey. Imagine a horror film in which a very South Jersey guy walks around in his underwear, cursing and annoyed that his house is haunted. Plus it involves the Jersey Devil. That wasn’t the movie Nigel Bach intended to make, but through a turn of events it is the movie he created.

Nigel Bach

Heather loves all things Halloween and found footage horror movies is one of her weaknesses. We all know capitalism is scary, but you know what else is scary? Clowns! Clowns are scary with their fake smiles on stark white faces. Blood red mouths sneering at you…….! Wait….. Where was I? Right, Nigel. Nigel Bach created his first film on a budget of 300 dollars. He didn’t let a lack of resources stop him from creating his dream, or lack of actors, or a script. What he did create,though, is a thoroughly entertaining found footage horror movie. His character, Tom Riley, reminds you of someone you know, like an uncle or neighbor. There are worse ways to spend your Halloween than cuddling up with horror movie and taking a night off from the revolution. Self care is important too.

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