Saving 32 Acres- Jacqui Wenzel With Brian and Heather

The township of Ocean New Jersey in Monmouth County is putting profit over people, and the safety of local environment. Our friend Jacqui Wenzel talks about the impact on her community, and Heather Warburton backs up Jackie’s environmental concerns with data about the areas “Impervious Ground Cover” being at critical levels already. You can listen on soundcloud at:

If every town, in every state approves the destruction of 32 more acres of Green Space, there will be less & less oxygen for our children & grandchildren to breath and less trees to absorb the carbon. Pictured here is a beautiful Allee which is situated just inside the corner of Deal Road and Rt. 35 North, in Monmouth Country, New Jersey. At this sight, there is a little paradise inside.

When you wake up in the morning and look out your bedroom window…what do you want to see….32 acres of lush green space or another fast food,
Chic- Fil- A, chain restaurant, a beige Marriott Extended Stay hotel and super WAWA gas station which will sit next to New Jersey’s Natural flowing fresh water brook, POPLAR BROOK,  which empties into the Atlantic Ocean?

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Let Mayor Christopher Siciliano, and New Jersey Governor know how you feel. It is our responsibility to speak up now, because when it’s gone, it’s gone for good.

Voice your support by signing this petition or writing Mayor Christopher Siciliano at 399 Monmouth Road, Oakhurst , NJ 07712  The township of Ocean NJ phone number 732.531.5000

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