Saving 32 Acres Part 2 Update WIth Brian and Jacqui

The struggle has continued in Ocean Township to save valuable undeveloped earth. Jacqui attended a township “Earth Day” event and spoke with locals about joining her in these important efforts. She has gained a following and formed “The Concerned Citizens of Ocean Township” to formalize the campaign under a banner. She held a meeting with Assembly RepresentativesĀ Eric Houghtaling (D) andĀ Joann Downey (D) who were polite in a meeting, but then seemed to have dropped off contact. Jacqui has proven herself to be a motivated organizer by influencing a presentation to local students and finding experts to bring forth the facts about what development means to the environment. She is doing everything she can to make some real change in her community in spite of the resistance being put up by the town ship “officials” who seem more interested in trying to stop the conversation. Listen on Soundcloud:

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