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Join Brian live every Wednesday night on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter. or on our site home page! #NJRR Live features activists who organize in New Jersey and around the world for social justice. The left perspective of New Jersey Revolution Radio does not water down demands for the sweeping changes needed today. Our mission is to foster social revolution and we bring you a whole world of people doing it.

Co-Hosts Like Christian Perez of Modernity and Absurdity, Daryle Lamont-Jenkins, and Kim Meudt join us with special guests and panels on current events in the activist world. Podcasts can be found on Spotify, Itunes, iHeartRadio, TuneIn, Stitcher, Google Play Music and more!

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#NJRR Live- Joe or Schmoe: Are We Ridin’ With Biden? (A Review of the Biden Presidency So Far)

Tonight, Christian Perez and Brian Powers will be looking into the Biden administration’s first 100 (or so) days in the White House. Did this new Presidency meet our expectations, rise above them, or fall below them? Does “better than bad” actually mean good? Let’s talk about it tonight on Revolution Radio.

#NJRR Live: Remorseless. Israel’s Violent Solutions Making Peace Impossible

#NJRR Live is back for an important episode. As Israel uses violence against a problem they created, the world seems to have figured it out. Unfortunately, the United States is always there to enable the illegal occupations and blockades.

#NJRR Live: En Las Calles de Colombia con Angie Morales

What’s been going on in Colombia? Why are protests breaking out on the streets? And what about the crackdowns? Tonight, Brian will discuss all of this and more with Angie Morales of Ciudad en Movimiento (City on the Move.) Ciudad en Movimiento is a social and political organization with the objective to construct cities into dignified places to live for all.

#NJRR Live: Struggling To Stay Heard

This week, as always, #NJRR​ Live is coming at you from the grassroots. This week, Brian and Chris will meet with Tiffany Kaszuba, founder of the NJ Violet. Tiffany started her blog after she dropped out of the race for New Jersey Congress following repeated and unaddressed harassment by a fellow Democrat and scores of others who didn’t seem to care or covered it up. Shouldn’t more people be paying attention and working towards real changes? Let’s talk to an activist/advocate who’s been through it firsthand to find out.

#NJRR​ Live: Activism From The Grass Roots

Jennifer is an advocate for abolition and localized cooperative economics and is a co-founder of the Asbury Park Transformative Justice Project that seeks to lower recidivism and build safer communities by activating transformative justice practices in place of the current violent systems. She joins with host Christian Perez to talk about the work being done by social justice advocates and how they are making a difference!

#NJRR Live: A Global Panel

Brian Powers and Co-Host Christian Perez are joined by Bahman Azad, and our new comrade Vijay Prashad both from the US Peace Council to talk about international affairs from China to South America.
The US is pulling out of Afghanistan and in Alaska. China has flexed back on the US at a tense summit. Our panel will discuss the international relations of our imperialist nation today and try to steer the future towards peace.

#NJRR​ Live: 15 When?

Join 3 veteran organizers who have been fighting for a raise of the minimum wage for too long, from the early days of the Seattle victory to the current mess in Congress. Host Brian Powers was involved in 15 Now NJ from the early part of 2014 and the others were involved when $15 an hour seemed like a lot to most Americans. Years later, it isn’t enough, and we still can’t get there.

#NJRR​ Live: Racism In Writing with Teka

#NJRR​ Live is back for another great episode with Teka, A writer with no fear of calling out the wrongs in our system. This woman of a million words is as prolific as she is passionate and we can’t wait to catch up with our comrade! Plus! The editorial board is at work and member Marilyn Gomez-Agudelo is going to bring you the first of her reviews on media! This week she will tell us about the horror movie “The Platform” and give us her anti-capitalist critique!

#NJRR​ Live: Paterson Pastor Corey Lewis Teague

Brian Powers and crew are here live every Wednesday at 8pm to talk to the nation’s activist community. This week we return to catch up with local comrade, pastor, school board member, and community activist Corey L. Teague to talk about his long-time advocacy, including that for the family of Jameek Lowery, who was murdered by Paterson NJ Police.