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Join Brian live every Wednesday night on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter. or on our site home page! #NJRR Live features activists who organize in New Jersey and around the world for social justice. The left perspective of New Jersey Revolution Radio does not water down demands for the sweeping changes needed today. Our mission is to foster social revolution and we bring you a whole world of people doing it.

Co-Hosts Like Christian Perez of Modernity and Absurdity, Daryle Lamont-Jenkins, and Kim Meudt join us with special guests and panels on current events in the activist world. Podcasts can be found on Spotify, Itunes, iHeartRadio, TuneIn, Stitcher, Google Play Music and more!

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#NJRR Live With Brian Powers July 21, 2021

This week on Wednesday at 8, The Revolution Radio Network brings you #NJRR Live! As usual, your host, Brian Powers, will be breaking down the latest from this past week as well as highlighting grassroots struggles from across the nation.

NJRR Live – Out of Control: Afrika Patrols Cops

Why is it that the police need patrolling? Community members should feel protected by cops, not that they need to protect themselves against them. Our comrade Afrika has been on the streets of New Jersey with a video recorder and a good sense of morality, catching cops in the act. At what point does a traffic stop become harassment? Where is the line between appropriate law enforcement and abuse of power? Let’s see if Afrika can help us find it.

#NJRR Live: Taking Back Power From The Corrupt

This week on #NJRR Live, we will be covering an assortment of topics! Join Brian Powers and Christian Perez as they break down what’s been going on in politics, local, international, and interplanetary! …No, seriously.

#NJRR Live: God Not Guns, Non Violence in the Catholic Church

We are back to present this special segment with our comrade Kathy O’Leary! Join her, Brian Powers, and Christian Perez as we learn about the peace movement inside this enormous and powerful religious institution.

#NJRR Live: Knowing Who Your Comrades Are.

Christian Perez and Daryle Lamont Jenkins join Brian Powers to bring us a celebration of 21 Years of One People’s Project! Happy Anniversary to everybody who has supported the anti fascist work of OPP and IDAVOX! The crew discusses reports of right wing organizations and organizers who have been making attempts at coalition with left wing groups protesting for #BLM, Healthcare, and other causes. Is this a good idea?

Well, no. And we explain why.

Plus! Christian explains the turmoil in Peru to Brian and the “leaders” of our country ignore it. Peru is dealing with a version of Trumpism and planning a coup after election results were not what they wanted. How is that going for them?

Democracy in the Dark: Getting Away with Dirty Tricks During the Primary

Tonight, we’ve got a big show coming at you! First, Belisha Beacon joins us to review the movie Moxie. Then, we will be joined by Christian Perez, Dr. Flavio Hickel Jr., Afrika, and Jessica Berrocal. We will talk about intimidation and overall electioneering going on at the polls during the primary election in New Jersey.

#NJRR Live- Joe or Schmoe: Are We Ridin’ With Biden? (A Review of the Biden Presidency So Far)

Tonight, Christian Perez and Brian Powers will be looking into the Biden administration’s first 100 (or so) days in the White House. Did this new Presidency meet our expectations, rise above them, or fall below them? Does “better than bad” actually mean good? Let’s talk about it tonight on Revolution Radio.

#NJRR Live: Remorseless. Israel’s Violent Solutions Making Peace Impossible

#NJRR Live is back for an important episode. As Israel uses violence against a problem they created, the world seems to have figured it out. Unfortunately, the United States is always there to enable the illegal occupations and blockades.

#NJRR Live: En Las Calles de Colombia con Angie Morales

What’s been going on in Colombia? Why are protests breaking out on the streets? And what about the crackdowns? Tonight, Brian will discuss all of this and more with Angie Morales of Ciudad en Movimiento (City on the Move.) Ciudad en Movimiento is a social and political organization with the objective to construct cities into dignified places to live for all.