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Join Brian live every Wednesday night on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter. or on our site home page! #NJRR Live features activists who organize in New Jersey and around the world for social justice. The left perspective of New Jersey Revolution Radio does not water down demands for the sweeping changes needed today. Our mission is to foster social revolution and we bring you a whole world of people doing it.

Co-Hosts Like Christian Perez of Modernity and Absurdity, Daryle Lamont-Jenkins, and Kim Meudt join us with special guests and panels on current events in the activist world. Podcasts can be found on Spotify, Itunes, iHeartRadio, TuneIn, Stitcher, Google Play Music and more!

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#NJRR​ Live: Weed! Plus a panel on Technology Taking Over Labor: Life Without Work?

Join host Brian Powers and writer Leah Giannantonio as they talk about WEED! Cannabis laws are changing and our resident “Cannabis Scholar” will help us understand what is up. Plus! Editorial Board members Pat Fahy and Marilyn Gomez-Agudelo talk in a panel about robots, work, and what the future holds for labor.

@RevRadNat Special Reports: Gutless, Republicans Acquit Trump

The discussion is not the same as the ones on corporate media. We talk from the proletarian experience, join host Brian Powers with these energentic…

#NJRR​ Live: Community Bargaining, More Than a Contract

Join Senior Organizer Brian Powers and Cohost Kim Meudt as they discuss the impeachment hearings and current news from a leftist perspective, plus we are joined by Richard Moser to discuss how a union contract can mean more than a deal with the bosses.

The Idavox Report With Daryle Lamont-Jenkins : Lester and Dylan Chambers

Tonight, Daryle-Lamont Jenkins interviews Lester and Dylan Chambers of Midnight Transit. Join Brian, Christian, Daryle, and the Chambers boys as they discuss the expression of activism through art and more.

#NJRR Live: The Boogaloo Outreach to Comrades, DLJ Responds

After big-time youtuber and comedian Jimmy Dore interviewed a Boogaloo member, Daryle Lamont-Jenkins founder of One People’s Project, brings us a truly important IDAVOX report responding to the attempted outreach.


A panel discusses the first few days of a Biden administration and the executive orders that are flying. Brian Powers and members of our editorial board will talk about the early days for President Biden and what it signals for the future.

@RevRadNat Special Report: Activists are being silenced. What is law enforcement doing?

Brian Powers welcomes Revolution Radio editorial board member Bennet Zurofsky Esq. to discuss our constitutional rights and try to get an idea of why law enforcement is questioning our comrades and Facebook is tearing down activist activity.

The Idavox Report: Who was there? Mapping the fascists who went to DC.

Join Daryle Lamont-Jenkins of One People’s Project, Brian Powers, Christian Perez and more as we update you on current events including a rundown of the politics and the groups tied to racist violence in Washington DC.


#NJRR Live: “Getting The Shot” Resistance to Vaccinations

Join Co-Host Afrika and a panel of New Jersey-based activists to talk about the resistance to vaccinations. Public polling suggests widespread skepticism surrounding vaccinations. As the virus kills 1 person every minute we bring in our conspiracy theory expert Christian Perez and community organizers from the Garden State to talk facts. Plus, international news from Iran, a top nuclear scientist was murdered by a remote control car, we will discuss the consequences of these mob-style murders that are believed to be carried out by Israel.

#NJRR Live: Mutual Aid Locally Peace Missions Globally

Co- Host Theresa Markila will join us with Renee Shalhoub from Mutual Morris. The work started by these activists has grown every day and in a very short period of time, they are getting recognized by statewide press and articles in “The Nation”. Mutual Morris is just one of many amazing mutual aid efforts in NJ that are leading activists nationally. Then our comrade Bahman Azad from the US Peace Council is back from visiting Venezuela during congressional elections, we will discuss international events in South America and the Middle East.