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Join Brian live every Wednesday night on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter. or on our site home page! #NJRR Live features activists who organize in New Jersey and around the world for social justice. The left perspective of New Jersey Revolution Radio does not water down demands for the sweeping changes needed today. Our mission is to foster social revolution and we bring you a whole world of people doing it.

Co-Hosts Like Christian Perez of Modernity and Absurdity, Daryle Lamont-Jenkins, and Kim Meudt join us with special guests and panels on current events in the activist world. Podcasts can be found on Spotify, Itunes, iHeartRadio, TuneIn, Stitcher, Google Play Music and more!

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#NJRR Live: L@rk Lo- Early Anti- Racist Education

L@rk Lo Talks with Diane about educating parents to raise children that can end racism Pus, the latest livestreams and NJ activism! #NJRR

From Saving 32 Acres to a City Council Run: Jacqui Wenzel

Jacqui first came on #NJRR when we just started. A little more than a year after she started fighting to save 32 Acres, she is running for city council!

Still Demanding Answers In Paterson – Corey Lewis Teague

Taped 94 days after Jameek Lowry died, and still the family and community has no answers on how he wound up dead after being badly beaten.

Activist Panel: Strategies For Saving The Planet.

Jocelyn Sawyer, Rueben Perez, and Ted Glick join Diane Moxley on our weekly Livestream to talk about how we can move fast enough to save the earth.

Back From Venezuela: A Report From The US Peace Council Delegation

The United States looks increasingly foolish trying to sell a war in Venezuela. Margaret Flowers, Kevin Zeese, and Joe Lombardo went to see for themselves.

Racetraitor: Extreme Metal With an Anti-Racist Message

Special Guest Host Brian Powers Recorded on #NJRR Live 2/6/2019Photos of the band done by Hillarie Jason The band name is shocking and the music is extreme. Race Traitor’s...


#NJRR Live With Diane Moxley and Extinction Rebellion

This week Christina See from Extinction Rebellion joins us to talk about the global resistance that is forcing governments to save the planet.

#NJRR Live With Diane Moxley and Anthony Diaz

“AMP- A Movement of The People” has not gone away since making an electoral splash with a city council run last year. Anthony Diaz says that they are staying...