Wine, Women, And Revolution

Hosted ByHeather Warburton

What we are

Activists, Inspiration, Art, Revolution, and Alcohol, all from an intersectional anti-capitalist feminist perspective. We shine a light on a broken system to help begin the conversation about real drastic change.

Heather Warburton hosts her show weekly, bringing a woman’s perspective to local and national politics.  She brings inspiring interviews, educational content, and topical issues along with a healthy dose of wine to the political scene.

Why Wine, Women and Revolution?

Because every one of us has an important job  in the revolution. We all just need a little inspiration sometimes.

Every Other Monday

We release a new episode every other Monday morning, so you can get your week off to a revolutionary start.


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Fat Girl Finds Love, An interview with Briana Cavanaugh

Today’s episode is going to be particularly fun! Our guest tonight is Briana Cavanaugh, host of the Fat Girl Finds Love podcast. Join us as we have a discussion about how the system tries to prey on us by controlling our bodies and about how (spoiler) fat people enjoy sex just like the rest of us!

Revolution and …Fashion?!?

Join Kat and Heather in this episode of Wine, Women, and Revolution as they discuss the global fashion industry. Where did the clothes on your body come from? Let’s have a conversation about the global network of exploitation that affects the lives of workers in the fashion industry.

Women Rock

Wine, Women, and Revolution Welcomes Shannon McGill Welcome, listeners and readers,...

State Of The Revolution : Paul Robeson

In this episode of State Of The Revolution, Heather and Jeremy...

Asbury Park, George Floyd, and Maurice Gordon

Welcome, listeners and readers, to Wine, Women, and Revolution, with your host Heather Warburton. We are coming at you from New Jersey Revolution Radio. For today’s episode, we are joined by special guest activist Felicia Simmons for a conversation about protests, police injustice, and community regulation.

Is Our Energy Future Nuclear?

Welcome to the Podcast! Greetings, our valued readers, and welcome to...

Imperialism and the Uyghur People

The Podcast Welcomes Nicole Morgret! Greetings, wonderful readers, and welcome to...

The Last Of Human Freedoms

In this episode of Wine, Women, and Revolution Heather is joined for a second time by author and activist Guy McPherson

An Interview With The Audible Anarchists

Today we have a very interesting guest that Heather recently discovered online. Since finding the Audible Anarchist Youtube channel, Heather has been enjoying their podcasts and admiring their dedication to reading and recording great anarchist writings.