Wine, Women, And Revolution

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What we are

Activists, Inspiration, Art, Revolution, and Alcohol, all from an intersectional anti-capitalist feminist perspective. We shine a light on a broken system to help begin the conversation about real drastic change.

Heather Warburton hosts her show weekly, bringing a woman’s perspective to local and national politics.  She brings inspiring interviews, educational content, and topical issues along with a healthy dose of wine to the political scene.

Why Wine, Women and Revolution?

Because every one of us has an important job  in the revolution. We all just need a little inspiration sometimes.

Every Other Monday

We release a new episode every other Monday morning, so you can get your week off to a revolutionary start.


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Corruption, Cronyism, And Why You Should Run Outside The Duopoly

In this episode of Wine, Women, and Revolution, Heather in joined in the studio by Dr Steve Fenichel. Steve is running as an independent candidate for Congress in CD-2...

Be A “Co-Conspirator” Not An “Ally”

In this extended edition of Wine, Women, and Revolution, Heather hosts a panel discussion of 3 amazing women organizers from Black Lives Matter, Jennifer, Shana, and Shevone. They discuss...

The Stranger in the Woods, and Interview With Author Michael Finkel

In this episode of Wine, Women, and Revolution, Heather interviews author Michael Finkel. Michael is best known for his book True Story which was made into a movie with Jonah Hill and James Franco. Michael and Heather discuss his new book “The Stranger in the Woods” the story of a man who  walked away from society to live alone in the woods of Maine for 27 years. The Hermit, as he was called, stole what he needed to survive and lived a life on his own terms. Loved by some and hated by others, The Hermit became almost a local legend in the town he lived near. In times like we live, its easy to understand the urge for escapism. 

Unsafe Nurse To Patient Ratios In NJ Put Us All At Risk

In this episode of Wine, Women, and Revolution, Heather is joined in the studio by Kate McLaughlin the founder of NJ Safe Ratios. Although Heather had wine in this...

In the fight for LGBTQ rights in New Jersey

This week 3 big pieces of legislation protecting transgender rights were signed by Gov Murphy. In this episode of Wine, Women, and Revolution, Heather is joined by Rev Blake...

Madelyn Hoffman And The Fight For World Peace, Not World War

In this episode Heather interviews Madelyn Hoffman, Green Party Candidate for US Senate in New Jersey. She talks about her inspiration to run, and why peace is such a...

Henry Green plans To Revitalize Atlantic City, Block By Block

In this episode, Heather joins Henry Green in his studio and they discuss Atlantic City, cannabis legalization, politics, race, and a his run for Mayor. Henry is an inspiration...

Fighting Imperialism With Workers World Party

On today’s episode Heather interviews Cody Lamie from Workers World Party in Philadelphia. They discuss imperialism, colonialism, communism, mass organization, an upcoming event WWP is organizing on Philadelphia. We had a few technical glitches which was clearly the CIA meddling, but it was a good conversation otherwise. Check them out, even if you aren’t someone who identifies as a communist. We all have so much more in common than we think.

The “American Plan” to Imprison Thousands of Women in Concentration Camps

On this episode of Wine, Women, and Revolution (The Socialist Podcast) Heather is joined by author Scott Stern. His book “The Trials of Nina McCall: Sex, Surveillance, and the...