Sierra Club Confuses Environmentalists

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Sierra Club Confuses Environmentalists

Sierra Club Confuses Environmentalists

In this short episode, Heather joins Brian in a rant about the Sierra Club. The Sierra Club is one of the nation’s largest environmentalism groups. Heather works through the phases of grief about their recent endorsement of Jeff Van Drew. JVD has a 19% rating from Clean Water Action, yet confusingly The Sierra Club chose to endorse him.  Heather is campaign manager for one of  Van Drew’s opponents in this congressional race, so she admits she may be biased. Van Drew has a long history of being environmentally hostile. His voting record shows he is far from an environmental champion.  This endorsement from both local and national chapters is confusing and upsetting.

After Heather calms down, they discuss the future 100th episode.  NJRR will celebrate activists. This special episode will be a lot of fun.

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