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#NJRR Live with Brian and Diane.

#NJRR Live with Diane and Brian

Our weekly activist live stream show gets thousands of views on multiple platforms every Wednesday. You can become a part of our message on “The sponsors table”  mid show or be at the Front of the show as our exclusive “Main Sponsor”

Wine Women and Revolution

We need your support to grow our reach, and your message will reach communicators around New Jersey and across the country. We have standard marketing packages priced per show, or if you have ideas that will make our partnership better we can work on a custom package.


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Wine, Women, and Revolution

Main Sponsor Package (Limit 2)
$ 50
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  • Mid-Show Break Mention
  • Closing Mention

A La Carte

Wine, Women, and Revolution
$ 25
  • Mid-show Mention

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