(TRENTON -NJ) After winning freedom NJ Weedman calls for boycott of white cannabis industry.

On May 25, 2018 NJ Weedman was released from the Mercer County, N.J. jail after being held without bail for 447 days and representing himself in court to win acquittal of serious criminal charges at two jury trials. “The state politicians tried to shut me up and publicly failed”.

Still recovering from incarceration the fiery activist has called for a boycott of the predominantly white owned medical marijuana permit holders in the region.

Weedman Says Just Say No To The CCC’s!

“People of Color should Boycott the Caucasian Cannabis Corporations white NJ politicians are creating” said NJWeedman from his office in Trenton.

When Starbucks recently got embroiled in racial controversy Black customers began frequenting black-owned coffee shops. But medical marijuana patients can only purchase products at 6 Alternative Treatment Centers in New Jersey all white owned. “Continue to buy weed in the hood” he says.”i want to sell weed from my own WEEDBUXX in New Jersey this is a white only business- ask Senator Scutari”.

“I’m calling for all POC’s to get medical cards (to stay outta jail card) & continue to use the “blackmarket” until the state allows inclusion of POC’s”. For decades white authorities targeted blacks and black neighborhood for marijuana arrests, now as legalization is coming. POC’s are excluded from this industry, are expected to patronize it. (I was jailed for saying this truth) I say no – continue to patronize your hoods WEEDMAN (the black market) and buy black markey until the state ends it’s JIM CROW cannabis policies.

The solution for black patients and black cannabis consumers? A market we can participate in at all levels including ownership (maybe marijuana reparations for past victimization)

I say get a state medical card and use it like a stay out of jail card on the street but don’t use it to buy weed from the CCC. Continue to buy your weed from your local WEEDMAN- #ftp

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