Ajamu Baraka

The GPNJ House at The Green Annual National Meeting: A Recap

Diane and Brian are joined by Madelyn and Tom to discuss their experiences at the ANM. Livestream Gallery includes the full Presidential Forum and m….

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Confronting The Empire’s War Agenda

A presentation by Ajamu Baraka Brought to us by the US Peace Council Written by Madelyn Hoffman and Diane Moxley Recorded 3/4/2019 Since its founding, the U.S.-led NATO has been the world’s deadliest military alliance. There deployments has caused untold suffering and devastation throughout Northern Africa, the Middle East and beyond. Hundreds of thousands have…

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Imperialism And Military: A Conversation With Activists

3 Activists for peace and justice join the Green Party New Jersey Co-Chair Theresa Markila for a conversation that the mainstream, media and candidates on the campaign continue to ignore, imperialism. Ajamu Baraka, Madelyn Hoffman, and Diane Moxley have a conversation that America needs to have, we hope that their efforts grow the peace movement….

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