The #Idavox Report Returns: September 21, 2021 – What Is Going On In DC?

Renowned activist Daryle Lamont Jenkins returns to this live show at 8PM EST Live on Tuesday with Brian Powers and Christian Perez. These three revolutionaries are ready to fight the conspiracy theories, listen to some good music, and smash the fash! This week, Daryle is going to be filling us in on what he observed at the Justice for J6 rally in our nation’s capital.

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The IDAVOX Report: Minneapolis and Policing

Tonight’s #Idavox Report features our usual panel of Daryle, Brian, and Christian! This week, we’re reacting to the breaking news that Derek Chauvez was found guilty on all three counts in his murder of George Floyd. What does this milestone moment mean for the movement? How are other people reacting?

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The Idavox Report: An Interview With Serbian Antifascist Tanja Vasic

Revolution Radio is back this week! The first thing we have lined up for you is an interview with an antifascist from Serbia. She has a lot of information for us, including updates about the movement for the Roma people!

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