Beth Foster

IDAVOX Pod 2022: Episode 3 – The Quiet Part Out Loud, Christian Nationalists Holding Rallies

Will York Joins Daryle, Beth, Christian, and Brian to talk about recent events that combine Christian Fundamentalists, Gun Toting Anti-Choice Protestors, White supremacist, and other assorted lunatics.

Get the who is who at these events and what is being done to counter their hate.
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IDAVOX Pod 2022: Episode 2 – Report: Lauren and Rod Expose Boston Nazis, Do Not Get Chicken Wings.

The IDAVOX crew was back and on a roll, but something was missing. Beth! Beth foster has appeared on IDAVOX before and now she is back to join in the doxing of NAZIS from Boston with @SplendidSpoon (Lauren Pespisa) and @RodWebber. 

The group know as Patriot Front is still running around the country showing up where they are not wanted, and ANTIFA has been responding by documenting the activities and license plates of these idiots. Lauren and Rod catch dozens of plates (see video) and toss insults as they do it. PLUS!

This insane supreme court, the hapless democrats and our dying political system, and the trailer for “We Don’t Walk In Fear” an upcoming documentary about Daryles work on One Peoples Project, Idavox, and ANTIFA inspired journalism and activism, 

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Brian Powers Twitter @NJRR_Brian

Chris Perez @PerezPodcast 

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The #Idavox Report: Beth Foster and the Foster Woods Folks’ School

The #Idavox Report is coming at you, as we do every Tuesday at 8PM EST! Join Daryle Lamont Jenkins and Christian Perex as they interview a panel including Beth Foster and other educators. Beth Foster is the founder of the Foster Woods Folks’ School: “The Foster Woods Folk School focuses on education, storytelling, and the arts within an ecosocial justice framework aimed at celebrating and improving our connections as a global community of human and non-human earthlings.”

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The Idavox Report: Beth Foster and Dangerous Ideas Collective

Join Daryle Lamont-Jenkins and his crew of ANTIFA activists in exposing the far right wing groups that threaten a peaceful society. This week, a revolutionary journalist and teacher, Beth Foster, joins us from Tennessee to talk about covering police corruption in a murder case, revolutionary education, and more.

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