#NJRR​ Live: “Grass”roots Activism with Sanjay Chaudhari

Tonight we interview Sanjay Chaudhari “Horticulturalist, Economist, Environmentalist, Geneticist, Trader, Healer, Activist ,Dreamer, Jedi” or as we know him, a cannabis activist who yells with and at Brian on social media. We are back! @RevRadNat streams every Tuesday and Wednesday nights at 8pm EST!

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The Idavox Report: Beth Foster and Dangerous Ideas Collective

Join Daryle Lamont-Jenkins and his crew of ANTIFA activists in exposing the far right wing groups that threaten a peaceful society. This week, a revolutionary journalist and teacher, Beth Foster, joins us from Tennessee to talk about covering police corruption in a murder case, revolutionary education, and more.

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#NJRR​ Live: Weed! Plus a panel on Technology Taking Over Labor: Life Without Work?

Join host Brian Powers and writer Leah Giannantonio as they talk about WEED! Cannabis laws are changing and our resident “Cannabis Scholar” will help us understand what is up. Plus! Editorial Board members Pat Fahy and Marilyn Gomez-Agudelo talk in a panel about robots, work, and what the future holds for labor.

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#NJRR Live: A Lifetime at War As Americans: Veterans for Peace

Join Brian Powers for a discussion with activist Trahern Crews and our writer, Leah Giannantonio. We talk about cannabis, the Green Party, and the military.

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#NJRR Live: WTF Just Happened?: A Recap Of Bourgeoisie Elections

Join Co-Host Trahern Ausar Crews and a panel that will analyze the 2020 theatrical production known as a “Presidential Election” plus NJ State political buffoonery including the legalization of expensive recreational weed. Joining us will be Christian Perez of Modernity and Absurdity and, from the Young Ecosocialists Matt Skolar!

Every week we return for more interviews from the grassroots. #NJRR Live is dedicated to the mission of New Jersey Revolution Radio of fostering Art and Activism.

Tune in here on Facebook, Twitter, or Youtube for the rough version recorded and broadcast live, or visit, Itunes, Spotify, Stitcher, and everywhere podcasts can be heard for the finished version.

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Will The Referendum Jeopardize Home Grow?

Even the standard “Reefer Madness” reservations related to health, safety and violence based on the findings of Tell Your Chil…

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Getting Dirty With Sanjay Chaudhari

In this episode of Wine, Women, and Revolution, Heather sits down with gardening enthusiast and cannabis homegrow advocate Sanjay Chaudhari. They talk about how gardening can connect you to the past and bring joy, How homegrow should constitutionally be legal in NJ, and how hydroponic growth can be dangerous to you and the planet. Heather…

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