A Global Recap of 2021 With Margaret Kimberley

Thank you for tuning into Revolution Radio. We have a great guest to end the year with. Today, lets  go around the world with Margaret Kimberly from The Black Agenda Report. Margaret talks about her a good friend, her Comrade, Glenn Ford’s new book, “The Black Agenda.” But also we talk about China, Nicaragua. A little bit of Cuba gets thrown in there.

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#NJRR Live: A Global Panel

Brian Powers and Co-Host Christian Perez are joined by Bahman Azad, and our new comrade Vijay Prashad both from the US Peace Council to talk about international affairs from China to South America.
The US is pulling out of Afghanistan and in Alaska. China has flexed back on the US at a tense summit. Our panel will discuss the international relations of our imperialist nation today and try to steer the future towards peace.

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Imperialism and the Uyghur People

The Podcast Welcomes Nicole Morgret! Greetings, wonderful readers, and welcome to this episode of Wine, Women, and Revolution! We’re coming at you from New Jersey Revolution Radio, New Jersey’s one and only socialist podcast. Today’s special guest is Nicole Morgret from the Uyghur Human Rights Project, here to fill us in on the situation of…

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