Christian Perez

The Idavox Report With Daryle Lamont-Jenkins : Lester and Dylan Chambers

Tonight, Daryle-Lamont Jenkins interviews Lester and Dylan Chambers of Midnight Transit. Join Brian, Christian, Daryle, and the Chambers boys as they discuss the expression of activism through art and more.

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#NJRR Live: The Boogaloo Outreach to Comrades, DLJ Responds

After big-time youtuber and comedian Jimmy Dore interviewed a Boogaloo member, Daryle Lamont-Jenkins founder of One People’s Project, brings us a truly important IDAVOX report responding to the attempted outreach.


A panel discusses the first few days of a Biden administration and the executive orders that are flying. Brian Powers and members of our editorial board will talk about the early days for President Biden and what it signals for the future.

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The Idavox Report: Who was there? Mapping the fascists who went to DC.

Join Daryle Lamont-Jenkins of One People’s Project, Brian Powers, Christian Perez and more as we update you on current events including a rundown of the politics and the groups tied to racist violence in Washington DC.

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#NJRR Live: Looking into the LatinX Vote

This week, host Christian Perez and guest Dr. Flavio Hickel Jr. dive into voter trends, social attitudes and the class differences affecting LatinX votes.

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#NJRR Live: “Getting The Shot” Resistance to Vaccinations

Join Co-Host Afrika and a panel of New Jersey-based activists to talk about the resistance to vaccinations. Public polling suggests widespread skepticism surrounding vaccinations. As the virus kills 1 person every minute we bring in our conspiracy theory expert Christian Perez and community organizers from the Garden State to talk facts. Plus, international news from Iran, a top nuclear scientist was murdered by a remote control car, we will discuss the consequences of these mob-style murders that are believed to be carried out by Israel.

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#NJRR Live: WTF Just Happened?: A Recap Of Bourgeoisie Elections

Join Co-Host Trahern Ausar Crews and a panel that will analyze the 2020 theatrical production known as a “Presidential Election” plus NJ State political buffoonery including the legalization of expensive recreational weed. Joining us will be Christian Perez of Modernity and Absurdity and, from the Young Ecosocialists Matt Skolar!

Every week we return for more interviews from the grassroots. #NJRR Live is dedicated to the mission of New Jersey Revolution Radio of fostering Art and Activism.

Tune in here on Facebook, Twitter, or Youtube for the rough version recorded and broadcast live, or visit, Itunes, Spotify, Stitcher, and everywhere podcasts can be heard for the finished version.

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#NJRR Live: Unions. Which side are they on?

Join Co-Host Christian Perez and Guest John Reimann. A former recording secretary and an expelled member of Carpenters Union Local 713 in Hayward. He was expelled for fighting for the members in general and for his leading role in the 1999 San Francisco Bay Area carpenters wildcat strike. He is a long time socialist and is the administrator of the blog site Host Brian Powers was equally screwed by CWA Local 1033 in New Jersey. The panel will discuss where unions go wrong.

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#NJRR Special Reports: A Tribute to Kevin Zeese on New Jersey Revolution Radio

Kevin Zeese was a giant on the independent left. #NJRR joins with all of his friends, family, and comrades who mourn his sudden passing. Here is a compilation of his contributions to our network. We remember his legacy in solidarity. Rest in power comrade.

Start – Part 1 #NJRR Live: A Special Panel on Venezuela January 30, 2019
00:39:55 – Part 2 Back From Venezuela: A Report From The US Peace Council Delegation March 21, 2019
01:43:49 – Part 3 The US War Empire: A Panel Discussion May 28, 2019

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#NJRR Live: Police and The Far Right. How Much Influence is There?

Special Guests Margaret Kimberley from Black agenda Report and Christian Perez from Modernity and Absurdity Podcast joins Daryle Lamont Jenkins to talk about the influence of racist and other extreme right political forces in our law enforcement. How infiltrated are the cops?

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#NJRR Live: Madelyn Hoffman, Our 2020 Chance at a Socialist in the Senate

Join Brian Powers and Guest Host Christian Perez as we talk to 2020 Green Party Senate Candidate Madelyn Hoffman. Where are the heads of Democrats and Republicans amidst a global pandemic? Is this system really working for us? Is there a better way?

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#NJRR Live July 22, 2020: How Safe Are Workers? Childcare in Home and Schools

Join Jessica Clayton of the “Riverside Rhymes Nature Play School” as she talks about how her home and work (one in the same) are being affected by the pandemic. The interview is an all-star show which also features our guest co-host, Lark, who is also an expert in early childhood development, and Christian Perez, our resident conspiracy theory expert. Why is the government trying so hard to reopen schools?

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#NJRR Live: New Jersey, American, or Global Revolution?

Welcome back to our #NJRR Live Show! We are coming back at you after a hiatus of nearly two months. It’s exciting to be back and we hope to see some familiar faces as well as new ones. Tonight, our special guests are Kim Meudt from the Green Party and Christian Perez from the Modernity and Absurdity podcast.

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#NJRR Live With Diane and Brian: Community Responses During The Crisis

Diane and Brian look around New Jersey and the world to bring you this weekly stream every Wednesday at 8pm on our social media feeds. This week….

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#NJRR Live : Food Justice with Theresa Markila

Blake Spencer was co-pastoring a church with his wife and raising 2 kids when he came out publicly as gay. Theresa Markila gives away free seeds and teach..

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A Brief History of US Imperialism

Hello and welcome, all, to New Jersey Revolution Radio, New Jersey’s premier socialist podcast. Today it is our pleasure to welcome Christian Perez, host of podcast Modernity and Absurdity, as our guest. Perez is something of a regular to NJRR; he’s been on our show a few times before. Today he is bringing us a brief introduction to US Imperialism.

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Conspiracy Theory 101 With Christian Perez: The Epstein File

Jeffery Epstein was undoubtedly wealthy, powerful, and had many connections who aided him in his wrongdoings. There are…

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Climate Change Is A Chinese Conspiracy – Ummm. No!

WWR Talks Conspiracies with Christian Perez Interview by Heather Warburton, article By Ryan Hosey In this edition of Wine Women and Revolution, we’re conspiring! Conspiring to tell YOU about conspiracy theories! Today, Heather sits down with Christian Perez, host of the podcast Modernity and Absurdity, to discuss why conspiracies have such an impact, and what…

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WTF Is Going On In Trenton Live In Montclair NJ

  Pat and Brian are joined by Christian From Absurdity and Modernity live at the Trend Tea and Coffee House. In this first ever Live episode Pat and Brian share WTF with the audience for the first time. We have some laughs about serious issues to wrap up a night of lefty entertainment and conversation….

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