State Of The Revolution : Paul Robeson

In this episode of State Of The Revolution, Heather and Jeremy discuss the testimony of Paul Robeson before the House Committee on UnAmerican Activities. You can listen here: Jeremy and Heather examine the life of Paul Robeson and discuss how his testimony that took place 70 years ago is still very relevant to what…

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Imperialism and the Uyghur People

The Podcast Welcomes Nicole Morgret! Greetings, wonderful readers, and welcome to this episode of Wine, Women, and Revolution! We’re coming at you from New Jersey Revolution Radio, New Jersey’s one and only socialist podcast. Today’s special guest is Nicole Morgret from the Uyghur Human Rights Project, here to fill us in on the situation of…

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A Brief History of US Imperialism

Hello and welcome, all, to New Jersey Revolution Radio, New Jersey’s premier socialist podcast. Today it is our pleasure to welcome Christian Perez, host of podcast Modernity and Absurdity, as our guest. Perez is something of a regular to NJRR; he’s been on our show a few times before. Today he is bringing us a brief introduction to US Imperialism.

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