Conspiracy Theories

#NJRR Live with Christian Perez

Join Christian and Brian Powers as they recap a busy year in activism and politics. @RevRadNat Special reports and revolutionary politics.

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@RevRadNat Special Reports: The American Political Cult

QAnon is in the headlines, but political cults are not new. @RevRadNat Special Reports brings you Dr. La’Tesha Sampson and Christian Perez to talk about the American Political Cult. Dr. Sampson licensed clinical social worker and psychotherapist and Christian is a professor of political science who teaches and studies conspiracy theories.

From small sects of followers who sell papers for hidden leaders to the sociopathic leaders who kill, cults have been involved in history since politics started. We will ask about who gets involved with these kinds of organizations?

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Climate Change Is A Chinese Conspiracy – Ummm. No!

WWR Talks Conspiracies with Christian Perez Interview by Heather Warburton, article By Ryan Hosey In this edition of Wine Women and Revolution, we’re conspiring! Conspiring to tell YOU about conspiracy theories! Today, Heather sits down with Christian Perez, host of the podcast Modernity and Absurdity, to discuss why conspiracies have such an impact, and what…

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