Corey Lewis Teague

#NJRR​ Live: Paterson Pastor Corey Lewis Teague

Brian Powers and crew are here live every Wednesday at 8pm to talk to the nation’s activist community. This week we return to catch up with local comrade, pastor, school board member, and community activist Corey L. Teague to talk about his long-time advocacy, including that for the family of Jameek Lowery, who was murdered by Paterson NJ Police.

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#NJRR Live Special Report: Is This Revolution? With Special Guests Afrika and Margaret Kimberley

Margaret Kimberley from the Black Agenda Report joins us with local activists who have been on the ground. Reports from around the state have been pouring in about recent protests! Afrika is an activist with a Sociology degree who has been on the ground in the recent movement.

So, is this a revolution? Afrika says this: nothing has changed so far, only one officer has been charged in the murder of George Floyd so far, and other cops who were also directly responsible are walking the streets. Afrika would not personally go out and be violent, especially not towards small businesses, but he understands that people are angry. People have a right to be angry right now. For years, they’ve lived in a world where the color of their skin puts them in inherent danger. The majority of the people that are on the streets right now are not members of some secret organization. They are community members of color who have lived in oppression their entire lives, and this is their stand.

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EVENT: Justice For Jameek Rally-

Paterson City Hall Tuesday July 23, 2019 7pm New Jersey Revolution Radio is calling out along with the family and supporters for justice in….

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Still Seeking For Justice: Corey Lewis Teague and the Murder of Jameek Lowery

We are still waiting on a conclusive report as we near 150 days since Jameek Lowery was murdered. The family and the community still has no answers and Corey is keeping the pressure on the establishment.

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Still Demanding Answers In Paterson – Corey Lewis Teague

Taped 94 days after Jameek Lowry died, and still the family and community has no answers on how he wound up dead after being badly beaten.

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