The Idavox Report: The Jackson, Mississippi Water Crisis

Join Daryle Lamont Jenkins as we discuss the water crisis in Mississippi, specifically Jackson, with a special guest from the area, Calandra Davis! We will talk about the problem of environmental racism as well as potential solutions and steps that are being taken to aid local communities.

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#NJRR Live: Madelyn Hoffman, Our 2020 Chance at a Socialist in the Senate

Join Brian Powers and Guest Host Christian Perez as we talk to 2020 Green Party Senate Candidate Madelyn Hoffman. Where are the heads of Democrats and Republicans amidst a global pandemic? Is this system really working for us? Is there a better way?

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#NJRR Live: Back to School? NJ and Other States Lay Out Plans to Open Schools During a Pandemic

We begin by remembering Mimi Soltysik with his brother Steve. Mimi was a prominent figure in Socialist Party US and ran as their Presidential nominee. He lost his battle with cancer this past week at only 45 years old.

Then, Badass Teacher Melissa Tomlinson joins us to talk about Coronavirus safety concerns and the environment out kids are expected to learn in.

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