Daryle Lamont Jenkins

The Idavox Report Feb 16, 2021: Keeping An Eye On The Far Right

Welcome to the Idavox Report on Revolution Radio! Hello and welcome to another Idavox Report on Revolution Radio, here to show you that hate has consequences. We are honored to welcome Daryle Lamont-Jenkins to the show tonight. Daryle is a long-time comrade and activist who has been working for 30 years to weed out and…

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The Idavox Report With Daryle Lamont-Jenkins : Lester and Dylan Chambers

Tonight, Daryle-Lamont Jenkins interviews Lester and Dylan Chambers of Midnight Transit. Join Brian, Christian, Daryle, and the Chambers boys as they discuss the expression of activism through art and more.

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#NJRR Live: The Boogaloo Outreach to Comrades, DLJ Responds

After big-time youtuber and comedian Jimmy Dore interviewed a Boogaloo member, Daryle Lamont-Jenkins founder of One People’s Project, brings us a truly important IDAVOX report responding to the attempted outreach.


A panel discusses the first few days of a Biden administration and the executive orders that are flying. Brian Powers and members of our editorial board will talk about the early days for President Biden and what it signals for the future.

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The Idavox Report: A call to fight white supremacy after the Inauguration

Daryle Lamont-Jenkins (@DLamontJenkins) of One People’s Project and Brian Powers (@NJRR_Brian) from @RevRadNat are back for another report on what is going on with our struggle against the violent right wing. Daryle returns from his day at the capitol witnessing what he could of the inaugural ceremony. The comrades also discuss right wing failures to organize around state capitals.

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The Idavox Report: Who was there? Mapping the fascists who went to DC.

Join Daryle Lamont-Jenkins of One People’s Project, Brian Powers, Christian Perez and more as we update you on current events including a rundown of the politics and the groups tied to racist violence in Washington DC.

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#NJRR Live: Police and The Far Right. How Much Influence is There?

Special Guests Margaret Kimberley from Black agenda Report and Christian Perez from Modernity and Absurdity Podcast joins Daryle Lamont Jenkins to talk about the influence of racist and other extreme right political forces in our law enforcement. How infiltrated are the cops?

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#NJRR Live: What do workers at USPS need to serve the country?

Join Brian Powers and co-host Daryle Lamont Jenkins for a discussion with Nora Taggart about the United States Postal Service, which has been jeopardized by bipartisan policies. How has the USPS been affected by the coronavirus and this country’s disastrous leadership?

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#NJRR Live: Vaccines Are Being Tried in the US. What Do The Tests Mean?

Laurie Endicott-Thomas, author of “No More Measles” joins us to get the facts straight about how vaccine testing works, and what this recent trial of 30,000 doses could tell us. PLUS: Dr. Le’Tesha Sampson returns as the Clark PD is under investigation and has been taken over by the Prosecutors office.
Every week we return for more interviews with the grassroots. #NJRR Live is dedicated to the mission of New Jersey Revolution Radio of fostering Art and Activism.

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The Right Has Created A Cottage Industry Of Lies

In this episode, Heather interview Daryle Lamont Jenkins of One People’s Project, and the movie Skin about his work opposing fascism and the recent fascist conference being held in Pitman NJ. http://onepeoplesproject.com/ http://idavox.com/ https://twitter.com/nohatenj https://njrevolutionradio.com/no-hate-in-nj/ Heather Warburton 0:02 This is Wine, Women, and Revolution with your host Heather Warburton coming at you here on New…

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