Daryle Lamont Jenkins

Revolution Radio On Ukraine With Daryle Lamont Jenkins, Christian Perez, and Brian Powers

Daryle Lamont Jenkins ( @DLamontJenkins ) and Christian Perez ( @PerezPodcast ) are back to join Brian Powers ( @NJRR_Brian ) in a small panel chat about the war in Ukraine. The history matters and we discuss it along side current events and a talk about the affected people. Do you want to be a…

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The #Idavox Report: Featuring Rod Webber and Lauren Pespisa

This week, on the Idavox Report, we are going to be hosting two of our favorite guests, Rod Webber and Lauren Pespisa. Rod and Lauren are a movie-making married duo and their latest work is about to premiere in December! 2020: The Dumpster Fire will be in theatres December 7. In the film, Rod travels the country and examines the civil unrest that unfolded throughout the year. Rod’s new song, “Joe Biden Wrote The Patriot Act”, is featured in the movie.

In their spare time, Rod and Lauren get into lots of trouble working in media, trolling politicians with performance art, and generally raising hell. On this week’s episode, we will be discussing some legal issues that Lauren is currently experiencing. Daryle Lamont Jenkins, Brian Powers, and Christian Perez will all be on tonight’s show! This episode of the #Idavox Report will premiere tonight at 8:00. We hope to see you there!

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The #Idavox Report: The Future of New York City With Ash J.

Looks like another worm for the Big Apple. This week, on the #Idavox Report, we’re going to be talking about New York City mayor-elect Eric Adams! Our special guest will be Ash Jegroo
@AshAgony, a multimedia journalist who specializes in topics relevant to this discussion. For example, Ash writes professionally about police issues, whereas Eric Adams is a former police captain. Ash regularly covers such complex issues as state violence and oppression, radical political movements, and anti-fascism in his pieces for The Santiago Times, The Appeal, Truthout, and many other outlets.

Daryle Lamont Jenkins will be breaking it all down along with special guest Ash J. and the usual panel of Brian Powers and Christian Perez.

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The #Idavox Report: Election Day Special

Musician Frank Zappa once said: “Government is the Entertainment division of the military-industrial complex.” On that note, this week, on the Idavox Report, we are going to be talking about the election. Note the start time of 9:00 PM EST instead of the usual 8:00. This is because Daryle will be joining us directly after his shift working the polls! Along with Brian Powers and Christian Perez, he will be breaking down this election as the results are coming in tomorrow night.

Among the biggest current electoral races in this region of the country are those for Governor of New Jersey, Mayor of New York, and Governor of Virginia. Our panel will be discussing those campaigns as well as some of the most pressing legislation that can be found on the ballot. Remember, this episode of the #Idavox Report premieres tonight at 9:00 PM EST instead of 8:00. We hope to see you there!

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The #Idavox Report: The Baldies & Portland Tom

Racists beware! This week, on the Idavox Report, we are going to be talking about The Baldies. The Baldies are an antiracist group out of Minneapolis that formed in the 1980s. They laid the groundwork for today’s Anti Racist Action Network (ARA) as well as the modern North American antifascist movement. Last Monday, the documentary The Baldies premiered on PBS. The documentary tells the story of a brave group of skinheads that started as a street team and grew into a powerful antiracist and antifascist network.

Daryle Lamont Jenkins, Brian Powers, and Christian Perez will all be there! Our special guest this week is a Baldie named Portland Tom who starred in the documentary. He’s going to be talking to us about the production.

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The #Idavox Report Featuring Special Guest Margaret Kimberley

This week’s #IDAVOX Report special guest is author and activist Margaret Kimberley. Margaret Kimberley is the Executive Editor and Senior Columnist at Black Agenda Report. Her Freedom Rider column appears weekly in BAR, and is republished widely elsewhere. She is the author of Prejudential: Black America and the Presidents. She is involved in several activist organizations.

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The #Idavox Report: The Adventures of Daryle Lamont Jenkins

Renowned activist Daryle Lamont Jenkins hosts every Tuesday at 8PM EST along with Brian Powers and Christian Perez. This week, we’re going to be talking about Daryle, and more specifically, what it is that radicalized this radical man. We will also be asking DLJ about some of the most ridiculous rumors that he has had to dismiss about himself. Lastly, Daryle will recount his encounter from this weekend and share some fascist-fighting wisdom.

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The #Idavox Report Returns: September 21, 2021 – What Is Going On In DC?

Renowned activist Daryle Lamont Jenkins returns to this live show at 8PM EST Live on Tuesday with Brian Powers and Christian Perez. These three revolutionaries are ready to fight the conspiracy theories, listen to some good music, and smash the fash! This week, Daryle is going to be filling us in on what he observed at the Justice for J6 rally in our nation’s capital.

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The #Idavox Report: Rod Webber and the Hunter “Daddy” Biden Art Gallery

Oh, ho, ho, we’ve got a lot to talk about this week! Buckle your seatbelt, because this Tuesday at 8PM EST, Daryle Lamont Jenkins will be hosting Rod Webber, and they’re going to discuss what happened a few weeks ago at Hunter Biden’s art gallery. Why was Rod, who was not fighting back, being physically restrained before the cops even got to the scene? Let’s take a look at some video footage and find out what was going on. And let’s not forget that Thursday is Daryle’s birthday. Finally, we will be remembering another anniversary of the tragic terrorist attack in Oslo. Come join us!

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The #Idavox Report: Talking Roma Rights and Police Violence in the Czech Republic

Long-time human rights activist Gwendolyn Albert joins us from Czech Republic tonight to talk to Daryle Lamont Jenkins and Christian Perez about the systemic oppression experienced by Romani(Roma) people around the world. We will take a look at video footage of a police violence incident from the Czech Republic reminiscent of George Floyd’s murder. What will it take for Roma people to be treated with humanity and dignity?

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The #Idavox Report: What’s Going on in Jersey on Juneteenth?

This week, Daryle Lamont Jenkins will be joined as usual by Brian Powers and Christian Perez. We need to talk about what’s happening in New Jersey on June 19, 2021. Supposedly, there will be a white power music show. There are rumors about the location but it’s difficult to be sure where it will be. Let’s not let this happen without giving them hell and showing them that hate has consequences.

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#NJRR Live: Knowing Who Your Comrades Are.

Christian Perez and Daryle Lamont Jenkins join Brian Powers to bring us a celebration of 21 Years of One People’s Project! Happy Anniversary to everybody who has supported the anti fascist work of OPP and IDAVOX! The crew discusses reports of right wing organizations and organizers who have been making attempts at coalition with left wing groups protesting for #BLM, Healthcare, and other causes. Is this a good idea?

Well, no. And we explain why.

Plus! Christian explains the turmoil in Peru to Brian and the “leaders” of our country ignore it. Peru is dealing with a version of Trumpism and planning a coup after election results were not what they wanted. How is that going for them?

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The #Idavox Report: Beth Foster and the Foster Woods Folks’ School

The #Idavox Report is coming at you, as we do every Tuesday at 8PM EST! Join Daryle Lamont Jenkins and Christian Perex as they interview a panel including Beth Foster and other educators. Beth Foster is the founder of the Foster Woods Folks’ School: “The Foster Woods Folk School focuses on education, storytelling, and the arts within an ecosocial justice framework aimed at celebrating and improving our connections as a global community of human and non-human earthlings.”

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The Idavox Report: Opposing the American Renaissance Conference with Will York

Something fishy is going down in Tennessee. Why are lawmakers allowing blatant white supremacy groups to have huge events? What happens when their Constituents speak out against it? Tonight, Daryle Lamont Jenkins talks to Will York about the American Renaissance Conference.

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The #Idavox​ Report- Abe Lincoln: Closet Marxist?

This week, Daryle is going to blow a lot of minds. We are going to be looking at the ways in which one of our most beloved US presidents is connected to one of our most beloved revolutionaries. Was Lincoln a Marxist? Let’s get informed!

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Dave Grossman, Killology, & Police Brutality

We’ve talked about Dave Grossman and his Killology police trainings on the show before. This week, Daryle Lamont Jenkins will be exploring just how dangerous this man and his teachings are and the terrible effects they’ve had on the country. Let’s take a look into police culture in America.

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The IDAVOX Report: Minneapolis and Policing

Tonight’s #Idavox Report features our usual panel of Daryle, Brian, and Christian! This week, we’re reacting to the breaking news that Derek Chauvez was found guilty on all three counts in his murder of George Floyd. What does this milestone moment mean for the movement? How are other people reacting?

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The IDAVOX Report : Rudy Giuliani’s Racist Legacy

Join Daryle Lamont Jenkins, Christian Perez, and Brian Powers They discuss the racist legacy left behind by disgraced New York ex-mayor Rudolph Giuliani. Plus, Daryle tells us about a failed White Lives Matter rally that he witnessed.

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The Idavox Report: An Interview With Serbian Antifascist Tanja Vasic

Revolution Radio is back this week! The first thing we have lined up for you is an interview with an antifascist from Serbia. She has a lot of information for us, including updates about the movement for the Roma people!

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The #Idavox​ Report: Antifascists Unite!

Join Daryle along with a panel of Brian Powers and Christian Perez as he discusses seminars he attended with antifascists in Germany last week and Norway the other day!

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