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Pine Barrens ORV : A follow up

In this edition of WWR, Heather sits down for a follow-up interview with activist and fellow Piney Jason Howell, Stewardship Coordinator for Pineland Preservation Alliance, the only private, nonprofit organization dedicated to protecting and preserving the Pine Barrens in Southern New Jersey. View the original article here Piney Power Before diving into the issues, Jason…

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Pinelands Corner 2-8-19: ORV Damage

The Pinelands Commission held their monthly meeting on Feb. 8th. The main topic of discussion was ORV damage in the reserve. John Bunnel presented the commission’s pond study, and he reported on wetland damage caused by off road vehicles. The study is titled “Vulnerability and Comparability of Natural and Created Wetlands”. Olivia Glen from the…

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