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#NJRR Live: Activist Musicians: Revolution You Can Dance To

Join us at 8pm Est on Wednesday, Guest host Lark! This week we welcome a rapper and a death metal singer to talk about their Art and Activism!
Musicians play a huge role in defining our culture. So how do activists with talents like this combine the 2? We discuss it with Mani Mostofi from the Anti- Racist death metal scene and Jeremy Writt “Infinite Skills” a hip-hop artist.
PLUS:Brian will talk about politics around the country as uprisings continue and we the presidential race dominates the conversations in the “regular” media.
Every week we return for more interviews from the grassroots. #NJRR Live is dedicated to the mission of New Jersey Revolution Radio of fostering Art and Activism.
Tune in here on Facebook, Twitter, or Youtube for the rough version recorded and broadcast live, or visit, Itunes, Spotify, Sticher, and everywhere podcasts can be heard for the finished version.

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#NJRR Live: Activist Musicians: Revolution You Can Dance To
#NJRR Live with Brian Powers

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