Jonnhie Lattner

Community Power Starts with The School Board

In this episode of Wine, Women, and Revolution (The Socialist Podcast) Heather is joined by Keith Benson and Johnnie Lattner to discuss some recent educational success. This episode was recorded when both Heather and Johnnie were suffering from a cold, so please excuse any coughing or sneezing and Heather’s Nyquil stupor. An Election Night Victory…

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Theresa Markila Interviews Yolanda Johnson and Johnnie Lattner

North Jersey comrade Theresa Markila interviews 2 candidates for Newark School Board. Yolanda Johnson and Johnnie Lattner are activists that are looking to see a more community based school system. They discuss what their vision for our state’s largest city that makes centers for education community centers that offer, not only education, but adult resources…

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Johnnie Lattner Newark Green Candidate

An interview with Green Party member and Newark School Board Candidate Johnnie Lattner.

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