Kevin Zeese

Sports Walkouts: What do athletes have to do with revolution?

The NBA NFL and other major league players have been walking off the job and making talks of a general strike heat up. What do sports mean in urban communities and what is the platform of an athlete for? Comrade Afrika, who spends his time organizing sports and other activities in Newark NJ.
PLUS:Brian and “Q” will discuss more violence around the country as uprisings continue and we discuss how the presidential is being percieved as the candidates continue their spectacles.
Every week we return for more interviews from the grassroots. #NJRR Live is dedicated to the mission of New Jersey Revolution Radio of fostering Art and Activism.

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#NJRR Special Reports: A Tribute to Kevin Zeese on New Jersey Revolution Radio

Kevin Zeese was a giant on the independent left. #NJRR joins with all of his friends, family, and comrades who mourn his sudden passing. Here is a compilation of his contributions to our network. We remember his legacy in solidarity. Rest in power comrade.

Start – Part 1 #NJRR Live: A Special Panel on Venezuela January 30, 2019
00:39:55 – Part 2 Back From Venezuela: A Report From The US Peace Council Delegation March 21, 2019
01:43:49 – Part 3 The US War Empire: A Panel Discussion May 28, 2019

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A Tribute to Bruce Dixon at Left Forum

Bruce A. Dixon was a giant among revolutionaries. His life will live on in the actions and hearts of thousands in the movement.

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The US War Empire: A Panel Discussion

Join our live streamed all star panel with Kevin Zeese from the Venezuelan Embassy Collective, Bahman Asad from the Us Peace Council and Mani Mostafi from the band Racetraitor

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Back From Venezuela: A Report From The US Peace Council Delegation

The United States looks increasingly foolish trying to sell a war in Venezuela. Margaret Flowers, Kevin Zeese, and Joe Lombardo went to see for themselves.

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